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Learning and Research

Learning and Research

Please take a look at the advice at the end of this page if your u3a is approached by university or commercial researchers.

Take part in the High Street Project
Look out for new activities you can take part in in 2021. For more details see High Street Project

Resources from Shared Learning Open Event 20th November 2020
To peruse questions participants raised in advance,click here:Questions from Shared learning Nov 2020
For slides used in the session, click here: Slides 20th November Shared Learning

Showcase your U3A
If you have already completed a project or a piece of research and would like others to know about it, we are happy to feature it here on our website. Use the 'contact' page to get in touch.

Bury in the Cotton Famine has three booklets produced by members studying the effect of a specific economic downturn in 1861-65 in their area, with contextual information about the wider picture of national and international events.

The Talking Kirkby reminiscence project is an excellent example of this way of working. Members of Kirkby & District U3A worked with local residents as part of a lottery-funded initiative to record their memories, and these are now preserved and made accessible to all by Knowsley Archives.

One of our regional aims is to make lasting links with learning organisations so that it becomes customary for providers to 'think U3A' when they are planning ahead. These organisations range from local societies to universities, museums, archives and libraries.

Take a look at the Events page for more information about training days and meetings.

The U3A has a research database. It contains all the research we know about that has been done in the UK. You may access the information on the database by region or topic or keyword.

Click to access the U3A Research Database.

Research requests
Advice from U3A National office, December 2019
"For any U3A approached directly by Universities wanting members to participate in research projects, the Third Age Trust has approved this advice:
Medical research projects should involve participative learning for mutual benefit and follow the recommended National Research Sub Committee (NRSC) guidelines and risk assessment. Participating in any form of medical research project should not involve physical or psychological intervention. U3A members participate in such projects as private individuals and not as U3A members.
In the meantime, we would strongly recommend that you do not circulate U3A members with such requests without, at the very least, consulting your local Research Ambassador or SLP Coordinator.
The Ethics Working Party is currently working on a set of practice guidelines."