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Spotlight on Research and Shared Learning Projects

Shared Learning Projects are a wonderful way to learn, laugh, live through working with others to explore a topic of interest and share findings with a wider audience. This can range from projects done by a special interest group with a single u3a, projects involving members from multiple u3a on a regional or national scale and projects done in collaboration with other organisations. To see some example of recent and current shared learning projects visit the Research and Shared Learning Projects page. If you have an example to share please contact Research and Shared Learning Coordinator

New Groups

We want to grow and bring more u3a members from across Scotland together. To support this we would like to offer a wider range of groups which means we need more group leaders.

If you would like to help - either running a new group on an existing topic or running one on a new topic then please get in touch with the Groups Coordinator. There is a strong demand for FRENCH CONVERSATION, GERMAN CONVERSATION, SPANISH and GAELIC but more groups leaders are needed to set these up. We have also received a request to set up a GEOLOGY group - if you can help with this then please get in touch.

We will of course help you to get your group up and running.

Please click on Setting up a New Group to find out more about what is involved.