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Members of the Oldham & District U3A Committee 2020/21

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John Tobin Chair

John Tobin John joined U3A in 2015,became a Committee Member in 2018 and has been Deputy Chair since June 2018 - , and Policies Sub Committee 2019-. He currently leads/hosts the bridge group. He is also a keen participant in the Bowling group and joins the Striders whenever possible. Having, as a 'consumer' enjoyed very much what Oldham and District has to offer he would like to support it's continued development.

Josie Morris Vice Chair

Josie Morris Josie has been a member of U3A since 2015 and became a Committee Member in June 2019- ; and Policies Sub Committee 2019-. Josie has been the group leader for the walking group for nearly 4 years and also attends the French group where she really values and appreciates the dedication of the group leader and the shared learning. Josie welcomes the opportunity to contribute further to helping Oldham and District U3A to continue to grow and develop as a lively and future looking organisation. Her background in the civil service has given her skills in team working, operational management and communication and it is hoped these are useful skills for the Committee.

Alan Tickle Vice Chair

I have been a member of Oldham U3A for the past 2 1/2 years, having never previously heard of the organisation prior to joining, my regret was in not joining earlier. I am a member of various groups including bowling, dancing, various walking groups and more recently map reading, and industrial heritage. I would gladly join other groups as well, given the time, but sadly there aren't enough days in the week. Away from U3A I'm a keen swimmer, and also enjoy fly fishing. During my "working life" I was employed by a national utility company, in a managerial position. Following that I was self employed, working for various companies in a consultancy role, and I would like to think that some of the skills gained throughout my career may be of some use within the U3A. In the past I have also been a school governor at a large senior school in Manchester. I look forward to my role on the committee, especially through these difficult and challenging times.

Val Thomas Treasurer

Val Thomas Val has been a member of U3A since 2015 when she joined the dancing group, and is current joint leader of this group. She was Co-Opted as Committee Member Jan 2020- ; and will be Treasurer in June 2020. Val is happy to help the organisation using financial skills she had developed from both her professional career and voluntary works which included 20 years volunteering with St John Ambulance. She was made a member of 'The Order of St. John' Invested in 1994.

Campbell Montgomery Secretary

Campbell Montgomery Campbell joined U3A when he retired in November 2016. He became a Committee Member June 2018- ; Secretary Nov 2018- , and is one of our representatives at the Manchester Network. He is a keen member of the Badminton and British History group. His interests include reading, music, bridge and golf. Campbell has a background working on IT projects and is keen to use his expertise in this area to help with the organisation of Oldham and District U3A.

Marlene Laing Acting Membership Secretary
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Geoff Hilton

Geoff Hilton Geoff has been a member of Oldham U3A since March 2015, a Committee Member since 2016, Chair June 2018-2020, and Group Leader Coordinator 2018-. He is a keen member of the Walking Group and e-mails the walk details, he also enjoys Discovery & Dine, Dancing, Anything Goes, and Bowling (outdoor in summer, indoor in winter).

Scott Hobson

Scott Hobson Scott joined U3A since 2016 and joined the Committee June 2018; Deputy Chair 2018-20,  Policies Sub Committee 2019- and is a member of, and enjoys, the Walking, Science and Badminton groups.

Dorothy Gates

Dorothy Gates Dorothy has been a U3A member since 2018 after living in Spain for sixteen years. She became a Committee Member June 2018- ; and Welcome Group Coordinator 2019-. At the first meeting she was impressed with all the different events and classes on offer. Dorothy started off by joining the Dance class on Thursday morning which she found was quite good fun. Since then she has been on a number of 'Discovery & Dine' trips and says that is exactly what they are, finding new places of interest and enjoying a good meal, as well as an excellent way of making new friends. Also the MOTOs group is good for people on their own.

Kathy Ford

Kathy Ford Kathy joined U3A in 2017. She became a Committee Member in June 2018- and is the Speakers Co-ordinator, New members Coordinator 2019-, and New Groups Coordinator 2019-, She is a member of the History group, Singing for Fun and the Theatre Group. She has enjoyed meeting other members and looks forward to be an active member of the committee helping to develop the organisation.

Helen Marrs

Helen Marrs Helen has been a member of Oldham & District U3A since 2012 when she moved from Cumbria to be closer to her family, having previously been a member of Penrith U3A. She became a Committee Member in June 2018- ; and is Publicity and Newsletter Coordinator. Helen states that the U3A has helped her to settle in the area. She first joined the Walking group and now helps by leading some walks. She is also a member of the Dance group and joining the French group has taxed her brain to recall things she learned 50+ years ago. Helen also enjoys trips with Dine and Discovery and MOTOs.

Brenda Gates

Brenda Gates I have been a member Oldham U3A for 3 years since I had to retire from my “voluntary” work in the Judicial system after 30 years. Since joining U3A I have enjoyed various groups and activities. I am still working as a self employed system auditor, hours to suit me! Over the years I have been on various committees from PCCs, Golf club Management, greens, and numerous committees in the Judiciary. I am a great believer in giving back to the things that you enjoy, U3A have made me and my friends so welcome in all we have joined in, that, I feel the need to give back with any talents I have.

It has been suggested that some groups could meet in the evening. If you feel that this would be viable and useful to you as a member of Oldham & District U3A would you contact one of the Committee members above by clicking on their name and sending a message.

Help and support will be offered to any member who would be happy to share their particular skill, hobby or pastime by initiating a new group. Maybe you have knowledge or experience you could share with other members by way of a short course? Please send a message to Geoff Hilton by clicking on his name for further information.


Do you know of any suitable venues in the Oldham area that could be used for group activities? We are constantly on the look out for low cost rooms to accommodate our groups. If you are aware of any, please send a message to a Committee member by clicking a name listed above. Thank you.