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Members of the Oldham & District U3A Committee 2017/18

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Jenny Whitbread Chair
Jenny Whitbread - Vice Chair Jenny has been a U3A member for the last five years and on the Committee for just over four years. Jenny took over from Carl Hewson as the Minutes Secretary and became the Vice Chair. She is the Group Leader [along with two others] for the Theatre group and also for the Reading group. Jenny has previously attended the Spanish group and now attends Theatre, Reading, Discovery and Dine and occasionally Strollers and Anything Goes.

Norma Robson Secretary
Norma Robson - Secretary Norma has been a member for 7 years. She has been Secretary since May 2013.. This involves receiving information and liasing with Head Office and North West Regional office. Any relevant information is passed on to Committee members or Group leaders. It is also made available to members in a file at the monthly meeting. Norma orders publicity materials and memorabilia and sends out information to new members. Norma is the Co-ordinator for new groups and the new group information pack. Norma is the group leader for Discovery and Dine and Cinema. She regularly attends Art, Cinema, Discovery and Dine, Theatre and Walking groups. Norma is also available for U3A information at the new members coffee mornings on the 3rd Tuesday morning of the month.

David Wright Treasurer

David Wright David joined U3A in September 2015 and enjoys being a member of the following groups: Badminton, Bowls (Indoor and Outdoor), Golf, Strollers, Walking Football and the Walkers. He has also enjoyed visits with the Discover and Dine Group. Someone said to David ‘What are you going to do now you have retired?’ Well, joining the U3A answered that question for him. David answered a call from several pleas by the Chairman for a Treasurer to take over from Ernie Livesey and he was officially enrolled into this post at the AGM in June 2016.

Janice McKeown Assistant Treasurer
Janice Mckeown - Asst Treasurer Janice became a member 3 years ago following the recommendation of an existing member. The first group she joined was Bridge, this was a card game she’d wanted to learn for many years. Janice enjoys the group, collects the funds and provides the refreshments. She quickly spotted other group activities which interested her - Theatre, Discovery and Dine and the surprise mixture of Anything Goes. Janice became a Committee member in April 2015 as Assistant Treasurer with the responsibility of running the Social account. This entails banking the monies passed to her by various groups into the account to fund their visits and social occasions and provide the cheques to cover the costs of these activities.

Marlene Laing Membership Secretary

Marlene Marlene became a member of U3A in 2013 when she was looking for things to fill her time after being a carer for a number of years. She enjoyed the monthly meetings and introduced a number of her friends to U3A. She has had a lifelong interest in crafts and is a member of the craft group and Discovery and Dine. Marlene recently became Membership Secretary.

David Ackerley

David Ackerley David has been a member of Oldham U3A for the past two and a half years. He joined the Committee in September, 2015. David has been involved on the Sub Committee for finding suitable speakers for the monthly meetings. David is the group leader for Indoor Bowling and attends Discovery and Dine, Badminton, Indoor Bowling, Dancing and the Coliseum Theatre group, he also occasionally goes to Strollers and Art Appreciation.

Judy Lund

Judy Lund Judy has been a member of Oldham U3A almost from its inception. She is a newly appointed Committee member and belongs to the Walking Group, British History and Poetry Groups. Judy is the group leader for Music Appreciation.

Geoff Hilton

Geoff Hilton Geoff has been a member of Oldham U3A since March 2015. He is a keen member of the Walking Group and e-mails the walk details, he also enjoys Discovery & Dine, Dancing, Anything Goes, and Bowling (outdoor in summer, indoor in winter). Geoff joined the committee in June 2016.

Vera Rigby

Vera Rigby Vera first joined the U3A in 2005 while living in Ulverston, Cumbria. After moving to Saddleworth, she joined the Oldham and District U3A in 2011. Vera is one of the Group Leaders for the Theatre Group and she assists with the Anything Goes Group.

Nigel Hadley
Nigel Hadley
Nigel is a semi-retired health professional who has lived in the North West for nearly 30 years initially in Hyde now in Saddleworth. Having seen how her local U3A helped his mother remain both physically and socially active; on his retirement, he explored our local Oldham group and has not been disappointed. Initially he joined computers for beginners and now attends the badminton and strollers’ group. His main aim is to help the organisation not just maintain but develop its role.


Please use the Links to view the results of the 'Members' Survey on the Future, April 2016'


Message from the North West Regional Trustee

Dear U3A members

Please find linked to this page the North West Regional newsletter No. 48. Included is information regarding the Liverpool Mathematic Society a Music Makers workshop in Liverpool and details of a Inclusiveness Awareness Day, also taking place in Liverpool.


Important Holiday Protocol

Please see link attached to this page which details the protocol involved in organising a holiday/trip for members of the Oldham and District U3A.


It has been suggested that some groups could meet in the evening. If you feel that this would be viable and useful to you as a member of Oldham & District U3A would you contact one of the Committee members above by clicking on their name and sending a message.

Help and support will be offered to any member who would be happy to share their particular skill, hobby or pastime by initiating a new group. Maybe you have knowledge or experience you could share with other members by way of a short course? Please send a message to Geoff Hilton by clicking on his name above, or alternatively telephone him on: 01457 875838 for further information.


Do you know of any suitable venues in the Oldham area that could be used for group activities? We are constantly on the look out for low cost rooms to accommodate our groups. If you are aware of any, please send a message to a Committee member by clicking a name listed above. Thank you.

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