Dixielanders Jazz Band

Leader:Mike Lowis Tel: 01604 785847

We rehearse fortnightly on Tuesdays from 14.00 to 15.30 at a local church hall

The jazz band was launched in January, 2016, with those musicians who responded to appeals made in the U3A publicity material. However, the first attempt was not very successful, so it was disbanded for a few weeks. But then, unexpectedly, other musicians called in, and the band rose again like a phoenix from the ashes. We gave it the new name of ‘The U3A Dixielanders’, which makes it obvious that we play free-wheeling traditional jazz – ‘happy music’ as it is often called. We have a lot of fun playing this music, and have become quite good at covering up our mistakes! If anyone enjoys listening to us, then this is a bonus.

We currently have nine musicians that cover all the sections required for this type of music, but can perform adequately with as few as six provided there is an adequate balance of instruments. Each year we have been invited to play at parties, concerts and other events, and our style of music inevitably goes down well. Although we are not currently recruiting any more players, if you have experience of playing Dixieland jazz and now wish to enjoy playing it again, feel free to contact me for a chat by phone or email using the link on the top right.

Mike Lowis

Updated 1221

On Friday 26th November 2021 the U3A Dixielanders provided after-lunch entertainment at the United Reformed Church, Abington Avenue. In addition to some foot tapping music that several people could not resist dancing to, there was enthusiastic participation in a sing-along. Some of the audience had come from local retirement homes and they enjoyed the performance so much they asked us to come and play for the other residences. Photos of the musicians Mike Lowis, Conrad Dobson, Terrey Cox, Roy Littlecot, Tony Berry and Norman Tyler are shown on this page.

On 2nd June 2021 the band entertained members of Northampton U3A and the general public at the u3a Day in Abington Park. Photos of the group playing at that event are on the right, and feature:

  • Dave Ridley – trumpet
  • Norman Tyler - trumpet
  • Tony Berry – clarinet
  • Conrad Dobson - clarinet/alto sax
  • Mike Lowis – tenor sax/banjo
  • Tony Mills - trombone
  • Roy Littlecott – double bass
  • Terry Cox – drums
  • Chris Stanley - keyboard (not present at the u3a Day event)

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