A Newsletter is published 3 times a year and sent to all members. To see more details, please click on the link on the right. This contains information about activities both past and to come and information on how to contact Group Leaders. Photographs of and information about past events can be accessed by clicking the links on the right.



‘Hard of Hearing’ LOOP SYSTEM for groups

We now have an easy to use, portable induction loop system available for groups to use - just plug it in and it is ready to use, with no trailing wires. Please contact Alan Eagle via the link on the right, if you would like to collect it for use by your group.



The names and details of those members who have not renewed for 2018/9 have now been removed from the records. Without a current membership card you may not participate further in any U3A activity.

However, If you do wish to remain a member it is never too late. You can still use the Membership Renewal form. Just click on the link on the right, download, print out, and follow the instructions on the form.

If you have already given a Gift Aid authority, you do not need to do it again. However, anyone who has not previously completed a Gift Aid form and now wishes to do so can download it from the website. Alternatively one can be obtained from the Treasurer, Kath Bottwood, or from me. If you cease to be a taxpayer, please remember to advise the Treasurer.

Dinah Knapp
Membership Secretary



Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of Northampton U3A will be held at Northampton Cricket Club - Old Speckled Hen Lounge

On Tuesday 29th May 2018, at 2.30 pm

Business will include election of the Committee to serve through the business year 2018/9


1 Minutes of the AGM of 30th May 2017 - approval and signature
2 To amend the Constitution of Northampton U3A
2.1 Quorum .
Annual and Special General Meetings.
From - A quorum shall be 20% of the paid up members
To - A quorum shall be 10% of the paid up members.
2.2 Objects.
The objects of the U3A are:-
From -
i) To advance the education of the public, and in particular the education of middle aged and older people, who are not in full time, gainful employment in Northampton and its surrounding locality.
ii) The provision of facilities for leisure time and recreational activities, with the object of improving the conditions of life for the above persons, in the interests of their social welfare.
To - The advancement of education and, in particular, the education of older people and those who are retired from full time work, by all means, including associated activities conducive to learning and personal development in Northampton and its surrounding locality.
3 Treasurer’s Report and adoption of the Annual Accounts
4 Chairman’s Annual Report
5 Election for the period 2018/2019 of:
5.1 Officers (i.e. Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer and Business Secretary)
5.2 Committee Members
Signed: Jo Stroud Business Secretary
5th March 2018

Nomination form 2018 for the Committee /Board of Trustees may be downloaded by clicking the link. This must be returned by 23rd April 2018.



As we are now in the renewal period for membership, may I remind you about Gift Aid ?
If you are a UK taxpayer and register with us for Gift Aid, we are able to claim back 25% of your contribution. For full paying members, this amounts to £5 per person and makes a substantial contribution to our income.
This year we have made some grants available to individual groups from our Gift Aid budget and hope to continue to do so next year.
When you first joined U3A, you would have been sent a Gift Aid form to complete and return if you wanted to help us with this contribution. If you are in any doubt whether you have registered with us for Gift Aid, please do not hesitate to contact me. (You can find a reference to Gift Aid on the U3A website).
Similarly, if you are no longer a taxpayer, but are registered for Gift Aid, please let me know, as I shall need to take you off the list.
Regards, Kath Bottwood (Treasurer)



There is some money available from Gift Aid, to help groups improve the content of their meetings. There may be some equipment you feel would enhance the quality of your learning, and, if this is the case, please apply in writing to me. Your request will then be taken to the Committee for their approval.

Marie Catling


First Aid-More Free Courses

Following the success of the courses last spring, the Red Cross have again contacted U3A to offer to provide free basic First Aid courses for over 65s. As before, courses will be at Moulton Park, and attendees will receive 2 hours training, and an instruction set to take away. This is really useful to anybody, as no prior experience or physical strength is required, and provides an important update even if you did first aid in the past. Some of you missed the last courses with holidays and appointments so I will do my best to fit requirements to dates I am offered. Courses will probably be in late January, February or early March 2018. If you are interested, please download and send this 2nd First Aid Course form or ring Maggie on 01604 705205. You can also bring the form to the October or November monthly meeting and see her there.


Photos taken at the Picnic at the Obelisk Centre in June can be seen by clicking this Picnic 2017 link.

Do you do outdoor activities and would like to benefit from the discounts available for U3A members at Ultimate Outdoors at Riverside? If you are interested, please see the Walking Groups page for more details.


The Big Sing

Due to the success of the Singing for Fun group, we will no longer be able to host Big Sings as our regular monthly attendance is such that the capacity of the hall (80 sitting) will not accommodate many extra singers.

If the membership drops we will of course review the situation.


Northampton U3A have been approached to provide volunteers to help children to read, by Beanstalk, and a number of members have shown interest. MORE VOLUNTEERS are needed to help local children for a few hours a week.

More details about Beanstalk can be obtained by clicking on the link or contacting the Beanstalk NORTHAMPTON OFFICE Tel: 01604 720969 or emailing Jo Burns by clicking the link on the right.


Our Current Membership is 1001 members


We would particularly like to welcome the recently joined New Members and rejoining Members to U3A Northampton.

  • Margaret Smart
  • Robert Moore
  • Christine White
  • Tina-Jane White
  • Vicky McCaughey
  • Gloria Slyne
  • Alan Goodacre
  • Liz Cantopher
  • Ann Goodman-Smith
  • Margaret Witt
  • Geoff Taylor
  • Elisabeth Jackson
  • Keith Fossey
  • Thomas Bell
  • Rowena Bell
  • Jose Blackwell
  • Patricia Green
  • Susan Hancock
  • Andrew Simmons
  • Ingrid Clasper
  • Sylvia Lamb
  • Margaret Riley
  • Jill Flanders
  • Bob Purser
  • Pauline Thomas
  • Shirley Martin (rejoining)
  • Anna Botterill (rejoining)
  • Carol Pritchard
  • Leonard Scott
  • Richard York
  • Lita Herbert
  • Irene Reeves (rejoining)
  • Stanley Sharpley
  • John Barnett
  • Annas Line
  • Christine Collins
  • Beatrice Skirrow
  • Nicky Ansell-Pearson
  • Anne Dodson
  • John Draper
  • Jackie Draper
  • Susan Barker
  • Barbara Edwards
  • David Goozee
  • John Simpson
  • Philip George
  • Brian Islip
  • Pamela Pagan
  • James Mackenzie
  • Patricia Smith
  • Moira Templar
  • Christine Hill
  • James Askquith-Ellis
  • Audrey Clarke (rejoining)
  • Gerry Clarke (rejoining)
  • Mike Eade
  • Sheila Stone (rejoining)
  • Gregory Buckley
  • Judy Townsend
  • Susan Chance
  • Susan Cooper
  • Maxine Gutteridge
  • Carole Jones
  • Gloria Dean
  • David Wilson (rejoining)
  • Patricia Storey (rejoining)
  • David Beckett
  • George Barrett
  • Alan Laws
  • Margaret Wallace
  • Ian Hill (rejoining)
  • Fiona Hill (rejoining)
  • Keith Line
  • Valerie Hodgson
  • Patricia Sheppee
  • Richard Tanner
  • Jane Garrard
  • Sarah Clarke
  • Anthony Laukaitis
  • Paul Franklin
  • Keith Sharp
  • Sandra Sharp
  • Kenneth Harrald
  • Malcolm Fish
  • Susan Tricklebank
  • Pamela Potts (rejoining)
  • Diane Gorman
  • Mike Twigger
  • John Baker
  • Sheila Baker
  • Diana Stephens
  • Lesley Allen (rejoining)
  • Terri Guy
  • Thomas Hunt
  • Julia Hunt
  • Edward Kinsella
  • Penelope Mitchell
  • Jennifer South
  • Tania Phillips
  • Tish Adams
  • Joseph Herbert
  • Richard Stuart
  • Annabel Hughes
  • Geoff Warr
  • Frank Yeomans
  • Colin Kilgour
  • Rae Preston-Thomas
  • Jackie Richardson
  • Janet Warr
  • Roger Wood
  • Sheila Wood
  • Vera Turner

Your Committee look forward to meeting the New Members at the next New Members meeting.


Group News is published each month and the latest one can be accessed by clicking the link on the right. This provides information on Planned and Existing Groups. See also New Groups for details of relatively newly formed groups.

Please send your pictures taken at any functions, events and group meetings, in jpeg format (.jpg) to the Webmaster using the 'CONTACT' page.