A Newsletter is published 3 times a year and sent to all members. To see more details, please click on the link on the right. This contains information about activities both past and to come and information on how to contact Group Leaders. Photographs of and information about past events can be accessed by clicking the links on the right.


The Projectors and laptop will be looked after by Stella Watts until further notice as Jane will be indisposed. Stella’s phone number is 01604 409071 or she can be contacted by email by clicking the link on the top right.

‘Hard of Hearing’ LOOP SYSTEM for groups

We now have an easy to use, portable induction loop system available for groups to use - just plug it in and it is ready to use, with no trailing wires. Please contact Eileen Brown on 01604 407205 or via the link on the right, if you would like to collect it for use by your group.



Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of Northampton U3A will be held on Tuesday 29th September 2020, at 2.30 pm.

In view of the current Covid 19 restrictions, it is likely that we may not be able to meet at the Cricket Ground for the AGM. In that case, it will be held online and details will be sent nearer the time.
Business will include election of the Committee to serve throughout the business year 2020 / 2021

1. Minutes of the AGM of 28th May 2019 - approval and signature
2. Treasurer’s Report and adoption of the Annual Accounts, and appointment of Auditor.
3. Chairman’s Annual Report
4. Thanks to retiring Committee members
5 Election for the period 2020/2021 of:-
5.1 Officers (i.e. Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary)
5.2 Committee Members

Nomination Procedure:

Please obtain verbal agreement from anyone nominated before completing the Nomination form (which can be downloaded by clicking this link), and include the name and membership number of a seconder. The committee will then contact both parties to check their agreement, thus avoiding the need for signatures.
This form will also be available on the website and can be returned electronically, or by post, to Eileen Brown, 6 Naomi Close, Northampton NN3 3PG, by 2nd September 2020, latest.

Because of the Corona virus restrictions, all membership of U3A Northampton has been extended until the end of September so if you haven't renewed for 20/21, you are entitled to vote at the AGM.

As our Treasurer is retiring, it is vital that we receive nominations for a new one.

COVID 19 MEMORIES PROJECT David Houghton Tel: 07738 153669

This strange new “Covid 19 World” has made us have to change and adapt. People who rarely walked started to do so becoming more aware of the world around them and all these things became a matter of joy because everyone had more time to stand around and enjoy. People began sharing experiences with photos and Whatsap. David has suggested that all this information be shared by us all and has offered to collate all the information about the town and countryside into a series of pleasurable walks incorporating any history, wildlife, flora and fauna or even memories experienced by our members during the lockdown, culminating into a web blog or maybe a hardcopy. To this end he will obviously need your help and will appreciate any information you may be able to supply. He will also be contacting relevant Group Leaders for their help.

If you are interested in this, please contact David by phone or email using the link on the top right.


Do you enjoy going on coach trips to interesting places?
The leaders planning the trips need others to join them to provide new ideas and help arrange the trips. See Trips (by Coach) page for more details or speak to Sue Rowe at the General Meeting.


Gevase Finn talk rescheduled

The Northants U3A Network talk by Gervase Phinn, the fascinating Yorkshire school inspector has been rescheduled to Friday 23rd October. Same venue and same time. The tickets which have already been issued remain valid.

Details are on the poster, which you can see by clicking the link. He is a very popular entertaining speaker and booking early is essential if you want to come. Click here for the G Phinn booking form.


New social events have been announced. See Social page for details about how to get your tickets.


A new Finance Policy has been published in July 2019 and be viewed on the Committee page. This is particularly important for groups who use rented premises or organise outings or events to be paid for in advance.


The Ultimate Outdoors 15% Discount Scheme is back! Click the link for details.



Membership is changing! During this year Northampton U3A signed up to the Beacon system of membership management. Since the 1st July we have been using this system live, and your details are now held securely centrally. On renewal, you will get a new card (colour-coded) AND you will keep the last four digits of your present number. This last is something a lot of members have wished for.

We’ve included the membership renewal form again in this Newsletter because many of you found it helpful, as did we, not having to wait until the March issue. It will also be available to download from the website from mid-January 2020. Renewals, due 1st April, will be accepted at the general meetings from January onwards.

Please read the form carefully and make sure that you have answered both questions and ticked the boxes you wish to tick. Note that there is now space for your mobile telephone number and for emergency contact details which were never previously held centrally, but which your group leader(s) always asked for.

If you are a taxpayer and would like to provide a Gift Aid authority not having previously done so, please download the form from our website, or ask the membership secretary or treasurer.

Tom Keyes is taking over from me as membership secretary from the end of this month and I wish him all the best. I have enjoyed my time doing the work and thank all of you for helping me in what is a busy role. I know Tom will similarly appreciate your continued help.

You can send the completed form with payment and a stamped self - addressed envelope to Tom from mid-January onwards. Please use the Membership Renewal form 2020 for postal or personal renewals at the general meetings. Come with your form and cheque ready completed, saving paper and time and speeding up the queue!



I'm afraid the Newquay holiday has been cancelled as our coach company Shearings has gone into receivership.

We are reclaiming the deposit paid and this may take some time but we have been assured that it will be returned.

I was really looking forward to visiting Newquay and the Eden Project but in light of our current stage of lockdown the cancellation is a bit of relief.

An email has been sent to those I have email addresses for and I will contact everyone else by phone.

Jackie Brame


Can you help

Committee Advert We need additional help on the Committee and at Meetings and Events. Please talk to a committee member if you are willing to help.



The new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) are now reflected in our forms for joining and renewing membership. We also have in place Privacy and Data Protection Policies. Click the the links to access the documents. It is recommended that all our members read them.



There is some money available from Gift Aid, to help groups improve the content of their meetings. There may be some equipment you feel would enhance the quality of your learning, and, if this is the case, please apply in writing to me. Your request will then be taken to the Committee for their approval.

Marie Catling

Do you do outdoor activities and would like to benefit from the discounts available for U3A members at Ultimate Outdoors at Riverside? If you are interested, please see the Walking Groups page for more details.


The Big Sing

Due to the success of the Singing for Fun group, we will no longer be able to host Big Sings as our regular monthly attendance is such that the capacity of the hall (80 sitting) will not accommodate many extra singers.

If the membership drops we will of course review the situation.


Northampton U3A have been approached to provide volunteers to help children to read, by Beanstalk, and a number of members have shown interest. MORE VOLUNTEERS are needed to help local children for a few hours a week.

More details about Beanstalk can be obtained by clicking on the link or contacting the Beanstalk NORTHAMPTON OFFICE Tel: 01604 720969 or emailing Jo Burns by clicking the link on the right.


Our Current Membership is 1127 members.


Group News is published each month and the latest one can be accessed by clicking the link on the right. This provides information on Planned and Existing Groups. See also New Groups for details of relatively newly formed groups.

Please send your pictures taken at any functions, events and group meetings, in jpeg format (.jpg) to the Webmaster using the 'CONTACT' page.