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This page contains information which may be needed by members of Northampton u3a.

For more information, please see our Principles and Objectives, and Constitution by clicking these links, or look at the Committee page. The u3a Vision and Mission Statement can be viewed by clicking this link.

We are a charity whose Trustees are the Committee which is elected annually by the membership, and our details are as follows:

Registered Charity No. 1077058

Part of the Third Age Trust

A National Registered Charity 288007

Northampton u3a is part of the East Midlands u3a Region, which includes Northamptonshire, Leicestershire & Rutland, Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire and Derbyshire.

We are also part of the Northamptonshire Network of u3as. Links to these u3a websites as well as the national website are on the u3a links page.


A Newsletter is published 3 times a year. This is sent to members electronically if they have agreed to this , with paper copies mailed to all other members. To see more details, please click on the link. This contains information about activities both past and to come, and information on how to contact Group Leaders.


The U3A PROJECTORS, LAPTOP, AND PROJECTOR STAND are looked after by Stella Watts. Stella’s phone number is 01604 409071 or 07742 515623 or she can be contacted by email by clicking the link on the top right.

If you need to use the LAMINATOR, please contact Jane Evans on 01604 458120 or email her by clicking the link on the top right.


‘Hard of Hearing’ LOOP SYSTEM for groups

We now have an easy to use, portable induction loop system available for groups to use - just plug it in and it is ready to use, with no trailing wires. Please contact Eileen Brown on 01604 407205 or via the link on the right, if you would like to collect it for use by your group.


CORONA VIRUS latest local advice and guidance to members physically meeting together.

Public Health Northamptonshire have updated Coronavirus Guidance. Please click the link for advice to keep safe.

The Third Age Trust has updated guidelines for U3As in England following the introduction of the Roadmap (u3a - Covid-19 advice on u3a activities and have specific advice for groups

Government Guidelines are currently changing and although many groups are using ZOOM, SKYPE and other virtual ways of meeting, some groups are making plans to resume meetings in person. Please check with your group leader for details.


Membership Benefits

• Access to any of the 120+ interest groups
• A monthly meeting with guest speaker
• A local newsletter 3 times a year
• Social Events
• Membership of the Third Age Trust
National benefits from the Third Age Trust including magazines, courses, events - click this blue link (or that on the right) to see all these.

To join Northampton u3a, please go to the Membership page



The new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) are now reflected in our forms for joining and renewing membership. We also have in place Privacy and Data Protection Policies. Click the the links to access the documents. It is recommended that all our members read them.


Additional information is also available on the Committee page which can be accessed by clicking this link. This includes details of the current committee and their job descriptions, our Constitution, and various policy/guidance documents.


The Annual Accounts 2020/21 for u3a Northampton have been prepared and audited. They may be viewed together with the Treasurers Report 2021 by clicking these links.

The Chairmans Report 2020/21 presented at the AGM on 29th June can be viewed here.

The AGM Minutes 2021 may be seen by clicking this link.


Attention - all members

Members Portal login Using our Northampton u3a Members Portal, you can now see the personal information we hold for you. If the information above is not what we should have recorded, it can be altered through the option in the portal to amend personal information; as can addresses, telephone and mobile phone numbers.You can check and amend this information, if necessary, online.

The Members Portal also gives information of all of our current groups. It is a long list and can take up to a minute to load. If you are interested in a group, that you do not belong to, please contact the Group Leader or contact in the group information. For some groups you may be able to join on line through the Portal.


The Ultimate Outdoors 15% Discount Scheme at Riverside is back! This is available to all members. Click the link for details.



We are very grateful to those of our taxpayer members who have registered to Gift Aid their annual subscription. Each year we are able to claim back a substantial Gift Aid amount which helps to fund our activities and to keep our subscription lower than it might otherwise be.

If there are taxpayer existing members who have not “Gift Aided” to date, we will be delighted to receive a form from you. The Gift Aid form may be downloaded here or by clicking the link on the Membership page.

Remember also that if you have Gift Aided and then are no longer a tax payer, you must write giving a cancellation date, to the address below.

A little advice on completion: Please ensure the form is legible and print where requested. Remember to use your official Christian name...whatever HMRC would know you as. Enter as “this donation” whatever amount (usually £20 or £10) you paid this year. Where you are a couple and perhaps only one of you is a taxpayer (or you only want to complete one form) but you would like to Gift Aid an amount to cover both subscriptions, you can do this by simply listing your donation as perhaps £40 (the sum which covers both subscriptions).

Please send your Gift Aid registration form to: Mr Nick Stafford, 22 Burwood Rd, Northampton, NN3 2LS. Note that this does not apply to new members, who should send both forms to the Membership Secretary.



There is some money available from Gift Aid, to help groups improve the content of their meetings. There may be some equipment you feel would enhance the quality of your learning, and, if this is the case, please apply in writing to me. Your request will then be taken to the Committee for their approval.

Marie Catling


Northampton U3A have been approached to provide volunteers to help children to read, by Beanstalk, and a number of members have shown interest. MORE VOLUNTEERS are needed to help local children for a few hours a week.

More details about Beanstalk can be obtained by clicking on the link or contacting the Beanstalk NORTHAMPTON OFFICE Tel: 01604 720969 or emailing Jo Burns by clicking the link on the right.