Los campañeros españoles

Spanish Intermediate with Conversation

Leader: Carol Chaplin Tel: 01604 583672

Held every Tuesday 10.00am-12.00 pm at a Member’s home

This group was started in March 2014 as a Spanish Beginners Group. Original members and those who have joined the group along the way are now at more of an intermediate level (no formal testing!) They have gained confidence to prepare some activities and are more comfortable to ‘have a go’ and make mistakes. They hear others mistakes- including mine- and are able to pick up on them and discuss what it should be.

The group continues to be relaxed, informal and most important- fun! As well as the Spanish language we learn about Spanish and South American history, current life, famous people and more.

As well as the abridged version of Don Quijote we have read an abridged version of Lazarillo de Tormes by Anon. Banned at first in Spain due to its criticism of the State and moreover the Catholic Church when published in 1554 this novella became a classic of Spanish Literature.

So, we continue to listen to Podcasts and do conversation as well as the 'dreaded grammar’-not as bad as when were at school!

Think about joining us if you already have some Spanish- you would be made welcome.

Contact Carol on telephone number above or use the email link on the top right.


Hablamos Espanol aqui

Leader: Jackie Birkhead Tel: 01327 340288
Deputy: Roy Littlecott Tel: 01604 406200

The group meets fortnightly at Members homes on Mondays at 10.00am.
This Group is for improving knowledge of the Spanish Language and to improve conversational skills. A basic knowledge of Spanish is required and the Group will welcome new members.

Contact Jackie by phone or use the email link on the top right for more information.


Spanish Beginners

Leader: Malcolm Fish Tel: 01604 877553
Deputy: Irene Poole Tel: 07899 008617

A relaxed, informal friendly group for learning and practicing the Spanish language.
We use Spanish coursebooks, CDs and DVDs with occasional help from a Spanish speaker.
We meet fortnightly on a Tuesday 10.00-12.00 at the Leader’s home.

If you are interested in joining please contact Malcolm or Irene by telephone or email using the link on the top right.