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Dates for your Diary
February 2020
Wed Feb 5thMembers Meridian Meetings (3M)T.E. Lawrence's Chapman family in Ireland (Lawrence of Arabia's early life)
Meet at The Meridian Hall, East Court
Speaker: Richard Benson-Gyles (author of the Boy in the Mask)
Lawrence of Arabia continues to fascinate. His tale is that of a brilliant scholar, archaeologist and desert fighter. The life of this complex charismatic figure contains all the ingredients of derring-do, bravery & chivalry. After the war, he tried to disappear in the RAF as a humble aircraftman. Dick Benson-Gyles will reveal Lawrence's origins and throw fresh light on this reluctant, tortured identity and strangely enduring fame.
Thu Feb 20thCurrent Affairs group 1We will meet again on the afternoon of Thursday February 20 in the home of one of our members. One of our members will lead our first subject for discussion.