Art Appreciation

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U3A Art Appreciation Group

Meets at the Roman Catholic Church in Hereward Way on the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 10am for 10. 30 start. Coffee served at 10am


Program 2020

Program of events for 2020

21st January – Social, Quiz and planning meeting

18th February – DVD – David equipment required

17th March – Talk by John McGowan – Printer – David equipment required

21st April – Talk by Bill Sandlers – David equipment required

19th May – Visit to Peterborough Museum – no equipment required

16th June – Talk by John Shearman- David equipment required

14th July – Joint trip to Coventry Cathedral with Church Mice Group (Please contact Margaret Beardshaw if you would like to go on the trip )

18th August – No meeting

15th September –

20th October –

17th November –

15th December – Christmas buffet and Surprise!! - No equipment required


Program 2019

Program of events for 2019

15th January – Quiz and planning meeting
19th February – Andy Soup Cans and Superstars – DVD
19th March – Talk by Bill Sandles
16th April – Talk by John Shearman on Walter Sickert and the Scottish Colourists
21st May – Talk by the Rev Spence
18th June – Visit to Corby Glenn Art Gallery with lunch at the Woodman’s Arms or March Hare
16th July – Joint trip to Cambridge with Church mice Group
20th August – No meeting
17th September – Talk by Mr Devereux
15th October – Talk by Artist Peter Scott
19th November –TBC
17th December – Christmas buffet and Surprise!!


programme for 2018

Feb Cartoons with the help of a memory stick so can you be there to help please!!
March We are out at John Clare Cottage
April DVD so equipment needed
May Van Gough talk so equipment needed
June Trip out to Corby Glen Art Gallery
July Hope to join the Church Mice on coach trip
August Peterborough Museum trip out
September Equipment required for either a speaker or a DVD
October Guided tour of Peterborough Cathedral
November Equipment required for a speaker
December Is a social event so no equipment needed.


Program of events for 2017

17th January – Planning meeting
21st February – Cartoons Part Two – Kathy
21st March – Talk by John McGowan - Printing
18th April – Talk by Hendy on the Isabella Stewart Gardiner Museum
16th May – Talk by Bill Sanders
17th May – Trip to Milton Hall – Wed – Cost £5
20th June – Trip to Corby Glen Art Gallery
18th July – A talk by Jackie D – a local artist
15th Aug – Joint trip with Church Mice to Lincoln
19th Sept – Talk by Hendy on The Group of Seven Canadian Artists
17th Oct – Pitman Painters - DVD
21st Nov – William Morris - DVD
19th Dec – Quiz and Social
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