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2014 - November. Collection of pictures taken at the Deepings Community centre for the WW1 100 years memories. 201411 WW1Deepingsmemories.

2014 - July. A visit to Peterborough Cathedral by the Photographic group. (link to photos 2014Cathedral.)

PROGRAM - 2020

Month Date Title/topic Speaker
January 15th Time Goes By: An Illustrated History of Bargoed-GilfachTerry McCarthy
February 19th A Crowland Miscellany Stephen Perry
March 18th A History of Rutland Water Dale Martin Conservation Ranger
April 15th St George in Myth, Tradition and History Maureen James
May 20th Peterborough trip ? Stuart Orme
June 17th 'Origins of the second world war' Henry Roberts
July 15th Liverpool at War Brian Thornthwaite
August 19th Trip.
September 16th Fenland through music and poetry Paul Edey
October 21st ‘The 1960s and 1860s compared’ Tony Plunkett
November 18th My Childhood in a Borstal. Kay Plunkett
December 16th Christmas meal.


PROGRAM - 2019

Month Date Title/topic Speaker#
January 16th Cromwell and 'The Civil War’. Stuart Orme.
February 20th ‘The Treaty of Versailles’. Henry Roberts
March 20th ‘The jewel in the crown’: the History of Stamford’. Jill Collinge
April 17th The Market Deeping Railway Brian White and colleague Martin.
May 15th Peterborough Blue Plaque Scheme Peter Lee and Toby Wood
June 19th The History of the Red Cross. Liz Waterland?
July 17th Liverpool in the war. Brian Thornthwaite
August 21st Trip.
September 18th ‘The Story of Alfred Caleb Taylor’. Dr Martyn Thomas
October 16th Deeping in the Fifties Liz Parkinson.
November 20th Quiz Sandra and Mary
December 18th Christmas meal.


PROGRAM - 2018
Month Date Title/topic Speaker
January 17th 'Flag Fen to Must Farm'. Stuart Orme
February 21st ‘The madman and the foundation of the Oxford English Dictionary’. Eddie Adams
March 21st ‘Kaiser Bill’. Kay Plunkett
April 18th ‘The Making of the Fens’. Jim Winstone
May 16th ‘The Condor Legion’. Brian Thornthwaite
June 20th ‘History of Peterborough in 20 architectural details’. Toby Wood
July 18th ‘A History of Airships, Blimps and Balloons’. Geoff Whittle
August 15th Trip
September 19th ‘Musical memories’. Sandra Jones
October 17th ‘The Frederick Frank Story’. Stephen Perry
November 21st ‘Christmas Customs and Folklore’. Maureen James
December 19th Christmas meal


PROGRAM - 2017
WEDNESDAY Month Date Title/topic Speaker Contact#
January 18th The making of the English human landscape.Jim Winstone
February 15th TobaccianaAlexander Arlow
March 15th Talking machines, old gramophones and phonographs etc. Colin Ray
April 19th Transport of LondonDavid McVitie
May 17th 'Bogles, Boggarts and Wil 'o' the Wykes - Exploring the Folklore of the Lincolnshire Fens'? Maureen James
June 21st Peterborough HospitalsStephen Perry
July 19th The Cuban Missile Crisis Geoff Whittle
August 16th Coach Trip
September 20th ‘British nationality and passports - from Empire to Brexit.’ Tony Plunkett
October 18th Lloyd George, Part 2. Ian Jones
November 15th Deeping in the 50s Liz Parkinson and John Bloomfield
December 20th Christmas meal

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