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1st October - Letter to Members from Shirley Tyrell
Please do look at Shirley's latest letter for September in the right hand column. Once again it is a good mixture of personal news, committee news and birthday wishes to a couple of members. Also Andrew Ings latest book and a particular plea on behalf of Ken Measom to support MDS UK. All the details are in the letter. Don't forget you can email Shirley if you would like something added to next months letter or even a later one.

1st September - Letter to Members from Shirley Tyrell
If you have not received the August letter which is now being sent out by Beacon, Rebecca Fuller might not have your correct email. If you want to contact Rebecca you can go to our Committee page and click on her name to send her a message. You can also read the letter by clicking on the link on the right-hand column.

Although this summer has probably been different for all of our members, we hope many of you have been able to see family, as Shirley has. We all appreciate having some contact within the current guidelines. Do stay in touch with members in your groups if possible.

Committee Meeting 5th August
We did meet for our Zoom meeting on Wednesday. Most of what was discussed is in Shirley's July letter which you should have received via our new Beacon administration system or you can see it on the right here. We are advising members to continue to follow the U3A and Government advise until further notice. Shirley has a draft Risk Assessment Policy which will be checked by an outside adviser before it is sent to Group Contacts later in the month.

3rd August - Letter to Members from Shirley Tyrell
Please see the July letter from Shirley. Having passed the 100 day milestone and a different kind of normal being considered do be aware that many members will be more cautious than others about meeting up or even leaving their homes.

Do read the committee news in Shirley's letter and also what some groups are thinking about, whether they can meet up outside during the summer, or continue on Zoom as the Committee is doing. Do stay in contact with each other and we will continue to follow the news and guidelines.

July reminder Most groups have cancelled their group meetings since March. If you want to know what a particular group is planning looking forward to the summer and autumn please send an email to your Group Contact via the 'bird' link on your group page, or if you have a telephone number please call. This is the person who is most likely to have the latest information.

June letter to membership from Shirley Tyrell
Another month has gone by and hopefully some of you have been able to meet a few family members. You will see how pleased Shirley has been visiting her daughter in her 'support bubble'.

On Committee news Linden Martin has stepped down and Elaine Orpe has taken over her position as Group Co-ordinator, you can email Elaine from the Groups or Committee page. If there are changes to your group please let Elaine know. The Committee thanked Linden for the work she had done for us and members over the past few years.

Some groups have been meeting remotely by Zoom or WhatsApp. Do think about whether your group could benefit from being in contact this way, after so many weeks some members would love to see people again - social media is not perfect but useful as a temporary solution.

The Committee will be having their July meeting this Wednesday via Zoom. When they are able to they will let members know when they can plan for groups to meet again in person.

AGM update from Shirley Tyrell - 15th June 2020
Dear member.
I am advising all members that our AGM will be held on Wednesday 15th July at 2.00pm at Bocking Arts Theatre. However, because of the current Government advice regarding Covid-19 and the lockdown, it is unlikely we will achieve a quorum so we will reconvene the AGM when government restrictions are lifted, and add it to a future monthly meeting.
Shirley Tyrell. Chair of Braintree U3A

The letter (information above) is for legal requirements. Please do not turn up at the hall in July. At our zoom committee meeting we discussed the way forward after lockdown and will be discussing it further at our meeting at the beginning of July.

Rescheduled Potters holiday June 2021
Around sixty of us had booked to go to Potters this year, actually last week but it was cancelled. All those that were due to go have received their money back and have been offered the opportunity to book again for next year. The dates booked for our U3A group are Monday 7th June to Friday 11th June 2021. The week is “Big Band Week,” for the evening entertainment and all the daytime activities will be available.

If you have any queries please contact Geoff Mead or myself Shirley Tyrell by sending an email or telephone if you have their number.

May Letter to Membership
Shirley has emailed her latest letter to most members using our new Beacon system so hopefully the majority of you will have already received it. We know that there are some people who do not have an email address, with this in mind it is also available in the right hand column here.

Home Picture - Montage of Braintree and District
I hope you will be pleased with the montage that we now have on our 'Home' page. This seemed a good time to have a picture that we can display over the months/years ahead. I would like to thank everybody who sent me pictures over the past three years. Jean Ryan, Web Editor.

The Braintree U3A Members Facebook group is private and allows members to post information. We have more members joining this group now everybody is confined to their homes. Click on this link for Braintree Area U3A - Groups and it will bring you to the public Facebook page. Just below the picture you can click onto the Members Only group and follow the instructions to join. To join the Members Group you just have to confirm that you are a member and add your membership number. You will then be able to see what has already been posted and send information about your group or something else you think others might like to see. Any queries about Facebook please contact Elaine Orpe.

Braintree U3A Facebook Public Pages
The aim of the public Braintree U3A page is to advertise the Braintree Area U3A. The Braintree Area U3A Page includes contact details and links for prospective members to contact us and like us and to advertise our U3A.

24th April - Letter to Membership
Please see the second letter to all members from Shirley Tyrell in the right-hand column. This outlines what has been happening since Shirley's first letter in March to keep everyone up-to-date. If you have any questions you can go to the Committee page and email whoever you think would be able to help.

20th March - Letter to Membership

Please see the letter from Shirley Tyrell in the right-hand column. This is being sent out to all members either by email or by post if we don't have an email for you. We are all keen for you to be able to contact someone if needs be. At the bottom of the letter are the telephone numbers for Geoff Mead and four of our Committee Members. As Shirley says you can also go to the Committee page here if you want to be in touch. Keep well and keep safe, and remember there are people you can talk to.

Memebership Applications for 2020
All details are on the 2020 Membership Application Form here, just click on this link. There are changes for this year, the new form includes a Gift Aid section so please tick the box if you are a UK tax payer. Also at the end of the form, especially for new members, please tick the box that indicates how you found out about our Braintree Area U3A. Because of the extra information the new membership form is over two pages. If you are printing it out please print double sided if you can or separate pages and complete them as appropriate.

Rebecca only has the option now to post your membership booklet out to you. Please enclose a stamped, addressed, A5 envelope inside your envelope. Thank you

Please note: The Committee Members have confirmed that guests and visitors can attend any General Meeting, but they cannot attend any of our groups until they have become members.

Braintree Area U3A Data Protection Policy
A copy of the new Data Protection Policy is available on the Committee page for you to view and/or print. The full policy we adopted is that recommended by the U3A National Office.

Should you have any queries please contact the Membership Secretary Rebecca Fuller.

Our Christmas General Meeting on 11th December - enjoyed by all!
We had a lovely afternoon celebrating Christmas, lots of songs we knew sung by members of the Singing for Pleasure Group and accompanied by the Ukulele Group. Thanks to Martin Fee for all his organisation including the slides so we could all join in.

Shirley Tyrell should be thanked for organising such an interesting afternoon, a project that had been a priority for her for some months. We enjoyed readings from various member of the Committee and others. Lots of information about Christmas in times past, I am sure we all learnt something we didn't know before.

Enjoy looking at all the photographs here and in the right-hand column. A big thank you to everybody who made it a special afternoon whether they were on stage, handing out raffle tickets at the door or brewing up the tea and coffee. Without members volunteering to help none of this would happen.

Potters holiday 17th June to 21st June 2019

What a brilliant week !!!! 39 of us had a wonderful time at Potters holiday resort in Norfolk.
We also came home with two bottles of wine for the winning quiz team, Geoff and Sheila who won through to the final of the Kuling competition, and four individual medals for Carol, Peggy, Mike and Shirley in Kurling and air-rifle shooting.

What a variety of activities we all took part in during the week.From the beautiful calming jewellery workshops and craft activities, the many different quizzes, to the more energetic line dancing, latin, salsa and samba dancing, petanque, kurling, archery, table tennis, darts, air-rifle shooting, snooker, welly wanging, the nine hole golf course and the high swing.

Most of us had a try on a Segway in the sports hall and then six of us had a go out in the field. No one fell off. We played crazy golf, played long bowls on the International bowls rink, we went in the swimming pool, the Jacuzzi, had a massage, went on the beach, even swam in the sea and walked along the promenade.

So much food to eat and such a choice. Superb evening entertainment, dancing until midnight and an evening supper.
What more could anyone want. We all came home for a rest!!!!!!!
Thanks to Geoff for suggesting this holiday and for all the organisation.
Shirley Tyrell.

If you would like to see pictures from our Christmas celebration last year and the holiday at Potters last June please go to the Gallery section on the options at the top of this page.

Any errors or omissions on this page please contact the Web Editor Jean Ryan.