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The next monthly meeting will be held on 20th July 2022 at 2pm at the Bocking Arts Centre. The Speaker is Peter Maggs – ‘Murder in the Red Barn’. Tea or coffee will be provided.
Please note: Please consider your own particular circumstances before attending, wear a mask if you wish and do not attend if you or someone else from your household have covid-19 symptoms.

Urgent!!!! Additional Committee Members needed. Any member of Braintree Area U3A can be nominated to become a member of the committee. New members are always welcome. Please contact Elaine Orpe if you would like further information about becoming a committee member.

Notice of Braintree Area u3a AGM to be held on 20th April 2022 at 2pm at the Bocking Arts Threatre. At each AGM all existing committee members have to seek re-election. Therefore, nominations are welcome for places on the committee. The nomination form is available by clicking on the link here Nomination Form.

THIS GROUP IS NOW SUSPENDED DUE TO LACK OF INTEREST - Beginners Modern Sequence Dance Class, to be held at the Cressing Sports and Social Club, initially fortnightly on Thursdays 2 - 3.30 (please see group page). If you are interested and/or would like further information please call Tony 07790516580.

Our next General Meeting will be held on 16th March 2022 at 2pm at the Bocking Arts Centre, Braintree. The Speaker will be Graham Brice - ‘Illustrated wildlife’. Tea and coffee will be provided. We would ask that you wear a mask (unless exempt) and, if possible, do a lateral flow test before you attend. Please consider your own particular circumstances before attending and do not attend if you or someone else from your household have covid-19 symptoms.

Our Braintree Area u3a application for charity status has been granted. Our Charity Registration No. is 1196660.

Linda Hellewell is now Group Co-ordinator. If there are changes to your group, or you have any queries about running your group, please contact Linda Hellewell by clicking on her name or you can email Linda from the Groups or Committee page.

Membership reminder for 2022. Membership renewals for January next year are now open. New members are welcome. The membership form is available by clicking here Membership Application Form 2022 for you to print out by clicking on the highlighted title here, or see the document in the side panel. All the details you need are included on the form. We do ask you to post your membership form, with your cheque, to Rebecca Fuller, our Membership Secretary. Dont forget to print out the form as a double sided version, and to fill in the second page. Please send your completed form and cheque to Rebecca . Membership forms will also be available at the General Meeting on 17th November 2021 and completed forms can also be handed in (fees will be accepted in cash or cheque).

Group Contacts - if you haven't updated your group web page since October 2020, please consider doing so, or ask the person who is updating your group web page to do so. We have had between 3,600 visits to our website to date this year so we want them to see current information. The exact numbers for all page visits to our website are sent to the Committee for each meeting. Please contact Elaine Orpe further information or if you would like help updating your group web page.

Home Picture - Montage of Braintree and District
The montage that we now have on our 'Home' page is a selection of views from around Braintree and the surrounding countryside sent to us by some of our members. Thank you to those who contributed.

The Braintree U3A Members Facebook group is private and allows members to post information. Click on this link for Braintree Area U3A - Groups and it will bring you to the public Facebook page. You can click onto the Members To join the Members Group you just have to confirm that you are a member and add your membership number. You will see posts and add information about your group. Any queries about Facebook please contact Elaine Orpe.

Braintree U3A Facebook Public Pages
The aim of the public Braintree U3A page is to advertise the Braintree Area U3A. The Braintree Area U3A Page includes contact details and links for prospective members to contact us and like us and to advertise our U3A.

Please note: The Committee Members have confirmed that guests and visitors can attend any General Meeting, but they cannot attend any of our groups until they have become members.

Braintree Area U3A Data Protection Policy
A copy of the new Data Protection Policy is available on the Committee page for you to view and/or print. The full policy we adopted is that recommended by the U3A National Office.

Should you have any queries please contact the Membership Secretary Rebecca Fuller.