Wirksworth & District

Minutes of AGM 2020

Held in Wirksworth Heritage Centre, by webinar.
In order to meet covid guidelines there were 5 Trustees present in person, 12 members attending virtually, therefore quorate.

1 Apologies received from Joy Revell, Mike Fleming, Rosamund Fleming.
2 Present: Peter Chivers, membership secretary, Brian Hebron, Treasurer, Jeanie Staples, Group Coordinator, Derek Pollard, Vice Chair, Anne Jennings, Trustee, Sue Groom, Secretary.
Attending on line, Sheila Harding, Publicity Coordinator, Pam Johns, Webmaster, other members.
3. Minutes of the AGM of 2019, read, agreed, and signed as a correct record.
4. Chairs Report. Derek Pollard as Vice Chair, chaired the meeting and reported that U3A has gone very well this year, with 30 plus groups and new ones starting.
5. Treasurers Annual Report. Paper copies were made available for reference and to keep on file. Not much expenditure this year because of covid, there have been few coffee mornings so little rent to pay. There is a healthy balance in funds of about £5,000. It was decided to waive membership fees for 2020, and reduce the membership fee to £12 per year, which still makes a surplus. There are bills to pay of about £400 to Beacon, and we may still have to pay refunds for the barn dance which had to be cancelled due to covid.
The accounts have been audited and verified by Cllr Andy Jordan, who has been proposed, and agreed, as also acting as the auditor for the accounts of 2021.
Acceptance of the accounts was proposed by the acting Chair, DP, seconded by BH, agreed unanimously by the meeting, and signed as a correct record.
6. Secretary’s report. Nothing of note, change of U3A branding to discuss at a later date.
7. Election of Trustees.
Sue Groom proposed as Chair by Brian Hebron, seconded by Peter Chivers, elected unopposed.
Peter Chivers proposed as Secretary by Sue Groom, seconded by Jean Staples, elected unopposed.
Anne Jennings proposed as Membership Secretary by Sheila Harding, seconded by Brian Hebron, elected unopposed.
There were no other changes of Trustees.

The Committee for 2020 is therefore,
Chair, Sue Groom
Vice Chair, Derek Pollard
Secretary, Pete Chivers
Treasurers, Brian Hebron
Publicity Coordinator, Sheila Harding
Webmaster, Pam Johns
Group Coordinator, Jeanie Staples,
Membership Secretary, Anne Jennings
Members Representative, Joy Revell

8. Members motions, None were made.
9. Publicity Coordinators report. SH has been maintaining the profile of the U3A in the local press. Thanks were expressed to Kay Mathur for producing a newsletter, and to Marvin Harding for using his design skills in our publicity.
10. Group coordinators report. Many groups have been continuing to meet, outdoors or via zoom. New groups are starting, see below. JS asks that coordinators send information about their groups for a proposed newsletter.
11. Reports from some of the Groups.
Mike Webb spoke from the Genealogy group, it is meeting monthly, successfully on zoom, and is encompassing social history. There is space for a few new members.
Mike Lewis spoke from the Photography group. It has been meeting monthly, inside and out, ticking over with 12-15 members and a varied programme. He also spoke of the Science and Technology group which is currently on the back burner, but with links to recommended lectures on line, see the website for info.
Jonathan Page spoke of Reading Group 1 which has continued successfully in a variety of settings, and zoom. In the longer term there will room for 2 more members. Jonathan also spoke of a new group for Local Nature Studies, for members to share interest and knowledge. Details will be on the website and in the newsletter.
Sheila Harding spoke of the Creative Writing Group, saying meeting on zoom seems to have fired up creative juices, but that personal connection is missed. There is scope for new members via e mail.
Jeanie Staples spoke of the Walking Group, now meeting weekly, doing 6-8 miles, ending with refreshment.
Pete Chivers spoke of the new Amblers Group, for more socially orientated walks over 3 miles or so, ending with refreshments.
Derek Pollard spoke of the Music for Pleasure Group, now unfortunately not able to meet, and the Jazz and Blues group, now working on meeting via zoom.

Sue Groom, Secretary 22/10/20