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Information for all group coordinators.

Thank you to all co-ordinators who helped make the showcase event a success. As Co-ordinator Contact on the Trustees I plan to start some informal visits to groups to make contact and check if you need my help. If you would like to invite me to a particular session please let me know.

Just a reminder that each of you should keep a printout of the accident form and check with group members personally if any of them have special health requirements they want to disclose. Groups which involve physical activities should also equip themselves with a first aid kit. You can claim for one through the treasurer if necessary.

The Trustees feel that it would be a good idea for group co-ordinators to be clearly identified at Coffee Mornings, so that potential members can find and talk to them rather than relying on a paper list, as this system isn't really working! Please be prepared to wear a stick-on badge for the time being and to stand up and identify yourself even if you have no group announcements to make.
We now have a portable microphone system which you can use if necessary.

What happens in your group is your choice with your members, there are only a few basic requirements to which you need comply.

  • Please keep a register and be aware that visitors to your group can only become regular attenders if they join WU3A.
  • Make sure you are aware of the health and safety and privacy requirements of the Third Age Trust which you can find on this site. It might be a good idea to print off and have to hand an accident form, especially if your group has trips out.
  • Try as far as possible to make your group accessible to all. Think about physical access, transport issues and ease of audibility and sight when choosing a venue.
  • On principle don't pay for regular group leaders or speakers. If your group wants an occasional paid session from an expert the financing of this must be agreed and organised with your members.
  • Please don't hold on to large amounts of petty cash. Unless you have a specific target any balance you accumulate over £30 should be passed to the Treasurer. Larger items of equipment or room hire bills should be agreed and paid through the Treasurer.
  • Try to keep your page on this site up to date and quickly remove out of date information.
  • When choosing a time and date for your group meetings please use the timetable on this site and try to avoid busy days when your potential members might already be involved in other groups

Your contact with the WU3A Trustees is Jean Staples by clicking on the bluebird at the top of this page, who is happy to help in any way you need, especially if you are looking for advice about getting your group started, useful meeting spaces, publicity etc.
The U3A National organisation also has an extensive resources bank and a wide range of information and ideas available on line. See the U3A Tab on this site.