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Past events

We remove old items from the main news page and events page. Here we show a selection of what we have been up to in the past.

Saturday Night Out at Middleton Hall was a great success photos attached.

April 2022
Our speaker was Martin Cruttenden who talked about his trip to Ethiopia.
Ethiopia is a fascinating country with a full history which dates back to ancient times with the Queen of Sheba and a huge trading empire at the same time as the Romans. More recently it seems unique as the only country where for hundreds of years Christians and Muslims live together in peace and even regularly inter marry. All this with some wonderful scenery.

March 2022
Our speaker was Rob Stamper, a local Middleton poet who recited his poetry for us.

'Chip, Shops, the universe and Everything! Fresh from Belper Fringe,
Manchester Fringe and Leicester Comedy Festival. Rob's new show will
take you on a journey where the humble chip meets Meteorology, U3A,
Seaside resorts, Tourism, Wirksworth shops, Beer, Englishmen, Fine
dining and Aliens, with a wassock or two thrown in on the way. No chips
will be harmed during the performance, but the truth could be battered.
The world is indeed, Rob's chip pan!'

February Coffee Morning 2022
Talk was on the National Stone Centre / Institute of Quarrying merger
“As project manager at the National Stone Centre, Miles Watkins talked about the potential future developments at the site as it joins together with the professional body for the extractives sector, the Institute of Quarrying. Education will be very much at the core of site activities as the Centre looks to deliver more informal and structured learning to professionals, the public and school children. As well, preserving the site’s status as a public asset is very much at the forefront of thinking.”

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