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A course mainly for those new to retirement: Learning to be Retired

Stories by Shirley Taylor

Ai Weiwei: Coronavirus in China - Wednesday 7 October, 7pm–8pm BST

In Coronation, a powerful and revealing new documentary, artist and activist Ai Weiwei chronicles the origins of the coronavirus pandemic in Wuhan, China.

Filmed from January to April and shot by ordinary citizens in the epicentre of the outbreak under Ai’s meticulous direction from Europe, it explores questions of personal freedom and public security, surveillance, transparency and the power of the Chinese state, which are thrown into sharp focus by the conditions of the pandemic.

For this livestreamed event, Ai Weiwei will explore the unique process behind the film and the wider questions about state control, individual liberties and public trust that it raises. You will also have the chance to ask your own questions.

Book tickets on the Guardian website.

Looking at Art on Zoom is on Friday afternoon at 2:00 pm Over the next few months we will be covering the following subjects:
25 September
The Art of Limning - British Portrait Miniatures
9 October
The Slade School 1912 - "A crisis of brilliance"
Featuring the work of Dora Carrington, Mark Gertler, Paul Nash, C.R.W. Nevinson and Stanley Spencer
23 October
Painting in the Netherlands - A historical overview of C15 to C17 Art and Artists from van Eyck to Rembrandt
6 November
Joseph Wright of Derby - Painting the Enlightenment
20 November
Australian Colonial Art - How European artists learnt to paint the new continent
4 December
An overview of French Painting before Impressionism - From the Baroque to the Barbizon School
If you have not already joined our email list and would like to hear any or all of these talks, please email me at
John Morgan

MAPS - A Series of WDU3A Winter Friday Talks on a Friday
Over the last five years I have organised a series of Friday afternoon talks in November. This year the talks will be on Zoom and the topic is Maps. Maps appeal to me as they combine Art, History and Politics, Geography and Exploration, as well as Maths and Science. In fact, all the world is in a map!

We will be looking at maps from their earliest forms through to Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and 'Living Maps'. We will explore the power and politics of maps and look at cultural bias in map-making. But mostly we will enjoy the beauty of maps and the skill of the cartographer. Each talk will be about 45 minutes plus 15 minutes for discussion / questions.
The talks are largely self contained, so it will not be a problem if you can only join a few.

The dates for the talks are:
30 October
What is a Map?
13 November
Where are We?
27 November
How do I get there?
11 December
What is Ours?
18 December
How do I make a Map?
If you want to sign up for these Zoom talks, or want more information, please contact me by email,
John Morgan

World U3A is closing down
Tom Holloway, of WDU3A, has played a pivotal role in the World U3A. He has edited and issued U3A Signpost for nearly 20 years, and has been the Convenor of the Global U3A Forum. In 1995, he helped to organise the National Conference based at Warwick University.
Recently, he wrote to Signpost subscribers to announce that World U3A is closing down, for health reasons. U3A Signpost and U3A Asiapost will not longer be published, and the U3A Forum will also be terminated.
MYU3A is an invitation to meet and greet U3A friends from anywhere and everywhere, and has the following web address: https://myu3a.org Tom will continue to add to and update this project.

In Memoriam

Would you like to help Warwick District Council run their polling stations in May 2021?
The Elections Team are looking for Poll Clerks and you will receive full training to be able to assist the Presiding Officer run the polling station.
It is for the full day as polling stations are open from 7am until 10pm and you will be working a 16/17 hour day, so would need to provide your own refreshments for the whole day.
The fee for Poll Clerks is £178.75 plus travelling expenses. Your will also receive £31 for attending the training session.
Polling staff trainings (90 minutes) will be held at the Town Hall, Royal Leamington Spa CV32 4AT in the preceding weeks. You will be able to book your chosen training session.
If you are interested please contact the Elections Team for details and an application form – email: staffourelections@warwickdc.gov.uk
or phone: 01926 456106.

Free driver assessments for eligible senior drivers
Warwickshire County Council has teamed up with IAM Roadsmart and Specsavers to provide and promote
free driving assessments for eligible mature drivers. Click for further information.

AGM 2020 presentation
If you missed the presentation at the AGM or want to review it, you can find it at Heidi Meyer AGM 2020 presentation.

Talk on Hong Kong
Chris Forse recently gave a talk to the Current Affairs group on the recent history of Hong Kong (where he lived for many years), including the background to the recent rioting. It’s worthy of a wider audience, so you can find it here: Hong Kong

Religion in Europe between the late medieval period and the Reformation
The Centre for Renaissance Studies at the University of Warwick has for a number of years run evening courses on the Renaissance, and they are brilliantly delivered by the faculty and post-docs at the university. It will lighten up any Friday evening. Click here for further information. Chris Forse

The Arts Society of Leamington Spa - click to find out more

Claim a Power of Attorney refund
Did you know that if you have set up a Power of Attorney you may be able to claim a refund of part of your application fee? You are eligible for a refund if you applied to register a power of attorney from 1 April 2013 to 31 March 2017.
This applies to lasting powers of attorney (LPA) and enduring powers of attorney (EPA).
You must claim your refund by 1 February 2021.

For more information please look at https://www.gov.uk/power-of-attorney-refund.

Music to my ears - click here to find out more about the guide to music in Warwick, Leamington and beyond.

== Group News ==

Book Club#
Our friendly book group welcomes new members. We meet each month in members' homes to discuss our own reading of a wide variety of books.

For further details contact Jeff Boswell on 337344