Warwick District

In Memoriam

We are sorry to report the deaths of the following U3A members:

Peter Jenkins - Peter died peacefully in his room at Galanos House recently. He and his wife, Pamela, who is a member of the Knit & Natter group, have been members for many years.

Vic Gardner - Vic passed away recently, at the ripe old age of 94. Vic was the long-time leader of the Folk Dancing Group; he will be hugely missed by all those in the group, who extend their heartfelt sympathy to Vic’s family and many friends. Vic’s daughter expressed the wish that the dance on Friday 22nd November should continue, and members saw it as a fond memorial for a true gentleman and friend.

Ann Solley – founder member and secretary for several years (see tribute below)

Peter Muckersie – leader of World Contrasts group for many years. Peter developed a relationship with Warwick University that allowed him to invite students from around the world to come and talk to our U3A members

Carmen Braso – Group Leader for Spanish for many years, Carmen helped both beginners and the more fluent.

Ann Solley
Memories from a friend
Ann Solley played a large role in the 1998 National Conference. She actually chaired the committee, drawn from Warwick District and several nearby U3As, which organised, over two years, the conference. She was remarkable in pulling this off, as it was the first time the conference had been held on such a scale without input (financial and administrative) from SAGA. Maybe it wasn't the last time, but it was a five-day event with scores of options and we (Ann and her Committee) had to do everything, including the budget, from scratch. Well, it felt big at the time!
After her husband died she started the Kenilworth U3A, putting a lot of energy into getting it going.

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