Spalding & District


We have numerous events throughout the year, for up to date information please see the list below or click the link to download the latest newsletter.
Should we have 'specials', 'late additions', there will be other links available on this page.

Dates for your Diary
Thu Jun 7th Monthly Meeting
FROM SHOWBIZ INTERVIEWS TO SPEED RECORDS. "A LIFE IN THE FAST LANE” - the life of Nigel Macknight who is also the leader of the team working hard to win the World Water Speed Record back for Britain.
Thu Jul 5th Monthly Meeting
The History of John Lewis, a talk by Emma Valerio.
Thu Aug 2nd Monthly Meeting
How Taylor's Bulbs prepare for RHA Chelsea by Johnny Walker.
Thu Sep 6th Monthly Meeting
'Year in the Life of a Hedgehog' A talk by Caddington Hedgehogs!
Thu Oct 4th Monthly Meeting
AGM followed by a short talk about the Citizens Advice Bureau
Thu Nov 1st Monthly Meeting
'Rowing the Atlantic' by Steve Dawson
Tue Oct 23rd Visit to RAF Cranwell - details to follow.