South West Region

Speaker Database

Sharing speakers information across the South West u3a Region

There is now a revised process for u3as to provide and share speaker’s information across the South West Region.

There will be two aspects to the database; acquiring data and using it.

Acquiring Data
The speaker secretary or other nominated committee member can download a template in either Excel (.xls) the preferred format or Word (.doc). Details of the talks that the u3a has had since the last submission will be added and the result emailed to the Speaker Database Contact. The information will be added to the database and the updated database uploaded in Excel (.xls) format to the website. Further updates will take place periodically.

Speakers Template Excel or Speakers Template Word.

Using the Database
When the speaker secretary is preparing their programme for the coming year, they will be able to download the database in Excel (.xls) format. The downloaded version will include the Speakers contact information and comments from u3as where provided.

In Summary, the most important point is that preferably the excel spreadsheet or as a last resort word template needs completing by each individual u3a, preferably the person who organises the monthly meeting speakers. They then send it back to the Speaker Database Contact to consolidate into the database. It will then be posted on the website. It should only contain information about speakers who are known, recommended and members have heard.

Select the Speakers Database button on the Contact page to send your message or query.

There is also a free searchable database called Speakezee containing in excess of 2000 expert speakers which has been previously recommended by u3a Office covering expertise in areas which include the South West.

Do take a look at the link here: Mirthy - there are lots of great talks available.

Below are links to both the previous and current databases.

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