South West U3A Region


Hello and welcome to the South West Regional site

The South West covers the counties/areas of Bristol, Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Somerset, Wiltshire, Gloucestershire, Isles of Scilly and the Channel Islands, so is the largest geographical Region in England.

Here in the South West we have 133 U3As, some large, some very small; most of them also come together to meet with other local U3As in one of 15 Networks where they can share ideas, can help each other solve problems and can organise joint activities.

Individual U3A/Network contributions are welcome for publication on the South West Website and should be sent to the Webmaster using the link on the contact page.
If you have ideas for new U3As or training do let me know.


A ditty, with apologies to Sir Cliff!

Logo & StraplineGot ourselves a lively, learning, walking, talking U3A!
Gotta keep our spirits up and brains alert with U3A!
Got an active mind and that is why it satisfies my day!
Got the one and only learning, laughing U3A!

Hello everyone

What strange times we are living in. I for one have taken rather a long while to accept that I won’t be going out or meeting up with folk in person for some time. Thank goodness for technology. It’s enabled me to at least see my latest grandson, born on 15th March. How I want to cuddle him!

How are you all coping?

Angela, our webmaster, is willing to set up a facility for us to share ideas, crazy experiences, stories and general coping strategies. For instance, how are groups managing? Have you had to shut down for the foreseeable future or are you able to use Zoom/WhatsApp etc?

Are you able to keep in touch with members who are isolated?

Advice for all matters related U3A is available on the main website, and also on the new Facebook site called ‘Keeping in touch’. Do sign up for the monthly newsletter which is full of stories and ideas. It would be good too if some of you signed up to the ‘keeping a diary project’ – details on the website, as this has the potential of being an important piece of social history.

Keep in touch and keep well

Jill Nicholls
South West trustee