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Welcome to the Shoreham and Southwick U3A Website

You may have heard about us, or U3A generally, but not know what it’s all about, so in a nutshell:

What is U3A and who can join?
U3A, The University of the Third Age, is a friendly national educational self-help organization for those retired or semi-retired from full time employment.

  • although ‘University’ is in our name, no qualifications are needed to join and being a member does not involve any formal learning or exams
  • it draws on the wealth of knowledge and experience of its members to set up study groups and common interest groups and to organize recreational activities
  • the ethos of U3A is for sharing together in the teaching and learning, and everyone contributing to the group activities, with groups run and led by its members – there are no tutors
  • together we can pursue hobbies and new interests, benefiting from the skills, interests and enthusiasm of each other
  • our learning is for pleasure and for fun

About our U3A
Shoreham and Southwick U3A is a local U3A, affiliated to The University of the Third Age.

  • set up in 1990 for the benefit of members mainly in the Shoreham and Southwick area
  • at the present time:

.....we have 640+ members
.....we run 60+ regular interest groups as well as various single session 'pop up' groups - see the groups page for more information

What we offer
We offer the opportunity of getting together with others in a friendly environment for continued learning and recreational activities.

  • activity groups - where everyone is encouraged to contribute and participate:

....learning topics – that include art, literature, craft, history, languages, archaeology
....leisure activities - including walking, table tennis, mah-jong, kurling groups – often set up when a few members indicate a shared interest not already covered

  • social activities – when you have an opportunity to sit back and relax:

....Friday monthly meetings, with talks of general interest and an opportunity to socialise with other members - see Events page for more information
....occasional outings and trips

Information about Membership of our U3A

  • our U3A year runs from 1st August to 31st July
  • our annual membership subscription is £18 - £34 for two people residing at the same address
  • contact our membership Secretary

....via e-mail, by clicking on the bluebird email box on this page, or post to: - Shoreham and Southwick U3A, PO Box 2196, SHOREHAM-BY-SEA, BN43 9FG

U3A – the Wider Picture
In Sussex - along with 39 other U3As in Sussex, we are part of the Sussex U3A Network (SUN), which arranges study days on a wide range of topics, and workshops for our benefit.

  • study - days offer an opportunity to meet up with members from around the county, for a more in-depth look into a topic with a specialist, than an individual U3A can offer
  • workshops - may offer help in aspects of running a group or a U3A, or perhaps how to go about an activity
  • events and outings – when all Sussex U3A members can meet together in a more social way

Nationally - there are more than a 1000 U3As in the UK, with over 400,000 members

  • National Office offers support and guidance, and a Resource Centre, to U3As
  • arranges special events & visits, open to all members
  • summer schools, either run nationally or on a regional basis

So, if you are no longer working full time, why not find out more about us.

Kate Green

Registered charity no: 1117982

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