Saxon Shore (Herne Bay and Whitstable)

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Please note, due to the Covid-19 virus, we have far fewer events than normal. Please confirm with the event organiser where possible before attending. All events are to follow current Government Covid guidelines regarding staying safe.

To enable some ad hoc events, please send details to Sue Web Admin with at least 4 days’ notice. Please include the facilitator's name and clear directions on when/where to meet, as we cannot publish contact details.

General meeting: Now on Zoom
4th Thursday of each month online (2-4pm). See Newsletter for contact details.
This is an opportunity for members to join us for an interesting talk from a guest speaker.

New items to be sent to the Chair by the end of the calendar month.

A chance to enjoy the wonderful local countryside on a gentle paced walk. Well behaved dogs and their owners are welcome but please contact the walk facilitator.

Dates for your Diary
January 2021
Thu Jan 28thMeetingMonthly online meeting at 2pm: Ian Keable on the History of Cartoons: from William Hogarth to Private Eye. The first time the word cartoon was used in the sense that we know it today was in 1843 in Punch magazine. But the employment of satire, caricature, speech bubbles and the writing of captions had been around long before then. In this talk Ian tracks the early stages of cartoons (in the form of satirical prints) and how, through the works of Hogarth and James Gillray, they gradually evolved into the familiar format of today’s newspapers and magazines. Copious illustrations abound from the masters of their craft such as John Tenniel, John Leech, David Low, Vicky, Ronald Searle, Heath Robinson, Giles and, bringing it right up to date, with Gerald Scarfe, Steven Bell and Peter Brookes. Contact our Chair for the Zoom link.
Fri Jan 29thSocialCoffee Morning at 10am on Zoom. Please contact Marian via Other enquiry for the link.
February 2021
Thu Feb 25thMeetingOnline Zoom meeting at 2pm with a talk by Janie Ramsay on the Jewels and wardrobe of the Duchess of Windsor. We welcome Janie back to speak to us – this time she will discuss the life and times of the Duchess of Windsor – the lifestyle and connections she made – including the Nazis. Contact Chair for link details.
March 2021
Thu Mar 25thMeetingOnline Zoom meeting at 2pm with a talk by Beatrice von Preussen on Artic Adventure. Beatrice is an artist and has travelled widely in both the Artic and Antarctic. Beatrice will illustrate her talk to us and describe some of her adventures in these cold lands. Contact Chair for link details.