Saxon Shore (Herne Bay and Whitstable)


Welcome to the Saxon Shore (Herne Bay and Whitstable) u3a group. We're a new group formed in December 2017 with an astounding initial sign up of around 220 members. We now have well over 400 members.

Like all u3a groups, we are a self sufficient group, operated by members on each others' behalf. The u3a is different from most other adult learning organisations as we encourage members to share their knowledge, interests, hobbies and talents with other members. This self-help model empowers us to create our own opportunities to learn in the ways that suit us best. Once you have joined and settled into our group, maybe you could share one of your interests with others?

We do hope that you will find plenty of courses and activities in which you can engage and, most of all, enjoy. Please let us know (in person or via the Contact page) if there is anything that we can do for you, so that you can make the very most of our organisation.

In the meantime it’s great that you are considering joining us, (How to Join our u3a), so once again - a big welcome. We hope to be able to offer you a very warm welcome on behalf of the committee and the group's membership.

What is u3a?

The u3a is a self-help learning organisation for people who have finished working full time or finished raising a family.

It means they have the time to enrich their lives with new skills and experiences, pursue their interests, form new friendships and enjoy a sense of belonging to a vibrant community. Our strap line is learn, laugh, live.

As a result, members contribute to a wide range of engaging and stimulating interest groups in an atmosphere of mutual support and companionship.

Because they reflect the individual wishes of their members, all u3as are different - but they all deliver a life-enhancing experience.

Charity Number: 1178784