The journey down to Eastbourne, for 20 members, was a long one due to accidents on the M40 and M25 neverthess our coach driver Taff got us there safe and sound in time for a lovely evening meal followed by bingo and a singer with a spot of carpet dancing. Our Treasurer even showed us a few card tricks [obviously he is in the right job of managing our finances]!

The hotel is on the sea front near the bandstand and pier and after a little bit of room changing for one or two people everyone settled in to enjoy our holiday.

After breakfast on our first day we were greeted by drizzly rain as we set off for Beachy Head, which was hidden in the mist, and Brighton. The rain stopped in time for us to stroll around the town, walk on the pier or visit the Royal Pavilion. Several of our group found a lovely chocolate shop for their homemade chocolate drink elevensies! Others had doughnuts shared reluctantly with a very cheeky seagull. We had a better view of Beachy Head on the way back to rest before dinner.

Norman's birthday today - Happy Birthday. He very kindly shared his cake with all 20 of us after dinner - thank you Norman.

Bingo...., but afterwards we were entertained by a singer! Nothing more to be said about that.

Wednesday we learned that some of our group are very knowledgeable about Ann Summers products and others know a lot about transgender issues!!!

Off to Hastings in the rain for a visit to the Crime Museum. Very interesting but a bit morbid, a few of our little group even sat in the electric chair [fortunately it wasn't working]. Coffee and cakes followed then back on the coach to the hotel and then the sun came out. A trip to the shops for some, relaxing afternoon tea for others, all in readiness for dinner which was very good. As there was no entertainment this evening [probably a blessing in disguise] half of our group relaxed in the lounge with a drink, or went a walk, whilst others decided to play I-Spy. This was very entertaining although there were some very dubious questions. No names will be mentioned, but we now all know the difference between a quadruped and a quadrupod !!

Thursday was a free day and our group were left to their own devices. Visits to the Lifeboat Shop, the town centre, the marina and Bexhill-on-Sea were planned and everyone enjoyed the day even though the sun shone in the morning and the rain came in the evening. Dinner once again very nice; pity the same could not be said about the entertainment though.

Our last breakfast at the hotel on Friday and also the results of our annual quiz. Just a bit of fun but we had very worthy winners once again.

The journey home was much better than the outward journey due to less traffic, and Taff got us back safe and sound for which we thank him.

Everyone enjoyed the holiday, bit disappointed with the entertainment, but we had fun.

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