We hold meetings on the second Monday of each month commencing 1.30pm [for a 2pm start] in West Bromwich Town Hall. We try to make them as informative and friendly as possible and like to finish before 4pm when tea/coffee is available from the vending machine at a cost of 50p, giving you time to chat to friends and new members.

A list of our monthly meeting dates and a selection of our recent speakers is given below.

9 March - Roger Butler, A Week on St Kilda


JACKIE SMITH from Nova Chocolates told us about how chocolate came about, how it is made and some very fascinating facts. There was an opportunity to buy some of her lovely chocolates and wd got samples to taste too. Great afternoon.

CLIFFE KIRBY-TIBBITS gave us an interesting talk about the history of the Jabez Cliff & Co factory in Walsall, as well as some previously unknown facts and figures on saddlery production throughout the history of the organisation.


HOLLY REYNOLDS entertained us very well at our annual Christmas Party, and everyone enjoyed themselves. Thanks must go to our members once again for their very generous donations to the Sandwell Young Carers Team who do a wonderful job in the borough.

A lady from SANDWELL MBC gave us a brief talk on recycling our rubbish, and what happens to it afterwards.

ALAN THORNTON told us all about his life as a seaside hotelier. Very, very funny tales he told of life behind the scenes, and he had some of our members in stitches. We all really enjoyed his stories and highly recommend him. Excellent.

KATHRYN WOOD from Sandwell Trading Standards, gave us a very interesting and information talk about scams, how they are operated and how to try and avoid being scammed. Scary what goes on, but well worth listening to the advice given.

ALISON WAKEMAN gave us a really interesting and very informative talk all about bees, particularly honey bees. Our members were given lots of interesting facts and figures about them, and were also given an opportunity to purchase Alison's homemade honey, beeswax candles and the cling film equivalent paper she makes. Very good presentation, funny and serious.

LEE CAROL entertained us to day with stories of his life in show business. He has met and worked with many comedians, singers and bands, and recounted many fascinating stories of his life both on and off the stage. A very interesting afternoon, lovely person and worth listening too.

ALAN HILL gave an interesting presentation on The Sea Around Us, with historical facts about longitude and latitude measurements, and also all about the dreaded condition known a scurvy, which was quite enlightening especially the parts about lemons and limes!

ALAN CUTLER acted as Judge, Defence and Prosecution in his presentation of a true Victorian murder trial. Very good and interesting presentation covering all the key facts of the trial, and our members acted as the jury - actually coming to the correct verdict!

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