Preston Park

Information about PPU3A

Has a voluntary committee elected by the members, to deal with necessary business and to oversee the organisation of activities on their behalf. Each U3A is free to organise itself and engage in activities which reflect the interests and needs of its membership, within the overall framework of U3A’s aims and guiding principles.

A membership application form to join our U3A will be found from the link on the Membership page.

Our annual membership runs from January to December, for which the current fee is £14.00. Members joining at other times during the year pay a pro rata amount. The membership includes a capitation fee payable to the Third Age Trust to cover insurance, the Third Age Matters delivered free to members homes and other support services. The remainder pays for our running costs (printing, postage, telephone and so on).

Anyone interested in becoming a member is welcome to attend one General Meeting as a guest.

These are held on the first Thursday of each month, from 2.00 until 4.00pm in Knoyle Hall, Knoyle Road.
Members pay £1.50 at these meetings, which contributes to the costs of the room hire, speaker and refreshments.
We have a guest speaker most months. In the summer months we organise an indoor picnic and an outing to a place of interest.

These are informal learning groups of members with a common interest who come together to share knowledge and explore the subject. Each group has a convener, who may or may not have some special knowledge or expertise. The emphasis is very much on shared learning. Groups usually meet in members’ homes, except where there is a need for particular types of space or facilities (computing groups, for example). In such cases members contribute towards the costs of room hire. More information about our Groups is available from this link Interest Groups or by pressing the Groups button on our Home page.

As well as the social contact from coming together at meetings, arrangements are made for outings to places of interest, concerts and theatre. We also have a lunch club, which meets in a variety of different eating places. More information about Events is available from this link Events or by pressing the Events button on our Home page.