Preston Park

Who & How to Contact

FOR GENERAL ENQUIRIES: Please either contact Basil Everett by phone 01273 505316 or Norma Noakes using the email form at the bottom of this page. Alternatively, come and meet us at our monthly meeting. (See the Events Page for details of meetings, social events, excursions etc; and see the Interest Groups Page for contacting Group Conveners & other details).

IF YOUR EMAIL RELATES TO A MEMBERSHIP INQUIRY, PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR POSTAL ADDRESS, your details will be forwarded to the Membership Secretary and an Application Form will be sent to you.

FOR ENQUIRIES RELATING TO SUN STUDY DAYS: Members attending a SUN Study Day who are interested in car share may contact Anne Dale, the Preston Park U3A SUN representative. Anne will share contact details between members to assist travel coordination. Contact details for Anne in box below.

Chairman: Alan Beebe 01273 559108 click to email Alan Beebe
Vice-Chair & SUN Representative: Anne Dale01273 552869
Vice-Chair: John Colman 01273 556977
Treasurer: Kevin Thomas 01273 881340
Business Secretary: Mary Ahmad 01273 561654
Membership Secretary: Marion Watson 01273
Joint Interest Groups Co-Ordinator: Sarah Richardson 01273 500512
Joint Interest Groups Co-Ordinator: Elaine Corcut 01273 552523
Committee Member: Terry Careford 01273 884724
Committee Member: Julia Clark 01273 557015
Commttee Member: Rose Stratton 01273 683052
Committee Member: Chris Thorpe 01273 707254
Web Editor and Email Facilitator: Norma Noakes
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