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Our quilt is going to be featured on Songs of Praise with Aled Jones to commemorate the Mayflower 400.

Janet Stocker of St. Andrews Minster picked 7 quilts to put up as a display for the filming and ours was one of them. You can see ours just behind Aled's head in the picture on the right.

The show goes out at 1.15 on 13th September on BBC One

THE LATEST INFORMATION ON THE MAYFLOWER 400 QUILT - Look at the Flyer on the right giving details of the EXHIBITION

The Craft and Textiles Group have been busy over the past months, here is what they have been up to:

The Saga of the Mayflower Quilt

The first Thursday in the month of April 2019. The venue Pomphlett Church Hall.
‘Good afternoon ladies. Before we start this afternoon I’d like to introduce you to Janet Greaves Stocker, Commissioning Officer for PCC and of Volunteer Groups for St Andrew’s Minster. Janet is going to tell us about the exhibition at St Andrew’s Minster taking place in September 2020 to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the sailing of the Mayflower’.

This was Wendy’s introduction to Janet's fascinating and enthusiastic talk on her plans to encourage groups of ladies and gentlemen to create quilts to mark this special occasion. ‘Thank you, Janet that was very interesting’.

Well, that led to the start of a great discussion. Wendy asked the group whether they would consider participating in making a quilt consisting of panels each depicting the landing of the Pilgrim Fathers in America and measuring 2.5 metres x 1 metre.

The room fell silent. Was she mad! Did Wendy seriously think we could take on such a daunting task, a quilt to be exhibited alongside many other quilts and artwork. It seems that was the plan! After the initial shock and ‘are you sure we can do this’, the room was buzzing with ideas and suggestions. Our entry form would be submitted on 9th July 2019.

Where do we start? How many panels are we going to make? Do we form groups, each group to undertake to create an individual panel. Share ideas. Outline a scale plan defining subject, background and other features to link each panel.

Books on the Mayflower expedition were read, ideas formed and groups and panel topics were agreed. Sketches were drawn, tweaks to designs made, material selected and we were off. A Timeline was drawn up with a completion date of 2nd July 2020.

How were we going to achieve this. Most, but by no means not all, of the Craft meetings between July 2019 and March 2020 were taken up cutting material, hand sewing, machine stitching. Creating men, women, trees, canoes, huts, ships, log fires, crops, chickens and the list goes on.... Additional meetings were held at Therese's house. What enjoyable days working on the panels, chatting, lunching and drinking copious cups of tea and coffee. Great fun!

Early March 2020, almost all panels were completed and given to Wendy for the next stage. Then came lockdown, with two panels missing. Fortunately, they were eventually posted to Wendy enabling her and Kate to continue with the mammoth task of stitching the panels together, sewing the border, backing and wadding.

It’s a shame the group is unable to assist with this, the embellishment and quilting and finishing touches but .......who would have thought in April 2019 we would have designed and created a quilt to be displayed in St Andrew’s Minster. Well done ladies and gentleman!

Thank you so much to Wendy and Kate for all their support, encouragement, assistance and patience. It couldn’t have been achieved without you.

May 2020
The Quilt Panels
The Quilt measures 2.5 metres x 1 metre and is made up of seven panels. Each panel creates a scene depicting the journey and early settlement of the Pilgrims.
Panel 1: The Rough Crossing from Plymouth to the New World. It took 66 days and sailed from England in September 1620 (Kate and Wendy)
Panel 2: Landing on the Beach (Judith, Lynda, Pauline)
Panel 3: The First Winter, building the Colony (Ann, Tina)
Panel 4: The Signing of the Treaty between the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag Native Americans (Shaun)
Panel 5: Learning to hunt and fish (Olwyn, Therese)
Panel 6: Sowing Seeds and Growing Crops (Diane, Naida)
Panel 7: The Future is an Open Book (Kate, Wendy)


During our Christmas Social Meeting, both the Craft and Painting Groups raised £310 for Devon Freewheelers. Even in times of lockdown we managed to make the cash available to the Charity.

Martin is pictured collecting the money.

They were really appreciative. Thanks to all in our U3A who took time making and creating and to those who kindly contributed.


Sheila Chapman is still collecting used postage stamps on behalf of the Macular Society. Please keep bringing your used stamps to the General Meeting, where you will find somewhere to leave them. Stamps need to have a 1cm border around them for preference and please try not to damage the stamp. Sheila says she will happily take the whole envelope with the stamp on then prune it as necessary. For every 1kg of stamps collected, £11 is donated to the Macular Society and for foreign stamps (including Isle of Man and the Channel Islands) it rises to £20 per kilo. Stamp collections may also be sold.
The Macular Society is a charity which helps anyone with central vision loss. Age related macular degeneration affects 600,00 people in the UK in later life. 1 in 5 people are affected.

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