Plymstock & District


At last we are managing to have a temporary replacement for our Monthly General Meetings and we are calling them Monthly Meeting on Zoom and we have several speakers lined up for you.

Our next Monthly Meeting on Zoom will be on Friday 15th January at 10.30 am when Ian Keable will be presenting "The Century of Deception: The Birth of the Hoax in the Eighteenth Century".  Ian is a highly popular speaker and also happens to be a Comedy Magician, so who knows what is in store! Please remember to LOG-IN by 10.15 am

Friday 15 January - Ian Keable on The Century of Deception.
The 1700s was a period when the people of England seemed to be especially gullible.  They believed a woman could give birth to rabbits and a man could climb inside a two pint bottle and sing inside it!  The hoaxes were written about extensively in newspapers and journals and also amusingly depicted by satirical artists such as William Hogarth.  

Ian's entertaining talk will demonstrate how 18th century hoaxes are memorable not only for their imaginative nature but also because of the differing motives of the tricksters.

Friday 19 February - Mary Smith on A Schoolgirl's War.

This talk tells the story of school life in WW2 using a unique set of paintings recently discovered at the school where our speaker was the Headmistress and documenting the lives of schoolgirls and their teachers as the war unfolded.

Friday 19 March - Ian Sherriff BEM on Rural and Urban Dementia Challenges and Solutions.

Friday 16 April - Sarah Slater on Sex, Secrets, Scandal and Salacious Gossip of the Royal Court 1660 - 1830.

We had our first talk on Friday 20th November 2020, this was "Working with the Ghosts of Hampton Court Palace" by Sarah Slater, I do hope you all enjoyed the talk she gave us? She is a Guide Lecturer at Hampton Court Palace. This was our first attempt at hosting a Zoom meeting and I think, on the whole, it went very well indeed. Sarah, who is used to presenting on Zoom, helped us enormously as the Committee was not too sure what we were all doing! Her knowledge of the subject was extensive and she gave us a fascinating background on the history, stories and sightings of some of the ghosts that have been reported over several hundred years. In ‘normal’ times, Sarah leads groups of visitors around the Palace when she is dressed in costumes depicting ghosts, as you can see from the photo. What is more amazing is that Sarah makes all her own costumes. And, by the way, Sarah does not believe in ghosts! Sarah has another talk to offer regarding ‘Sex, Scandal and Salacious Gossip of the Royal Court 1660 – 1830’. This is a talk, it seems, that most of you would like to hear.

We had a second Monthly Meeting on Zoom on Friday December 11th when David Pinder. who is the Chair of Wembury Local History Society, told us about coastal conservation in Devon by The National Trust.

The committee arrange for speakers to make presentations to the General Meetings in good faith and on the basis that the content will be informative and entertaining. We cannot, however, accept any responsibility for the information provided or comments made by any guest speaker.


We have had three very successful sessions of the Swap Shop, the first one, on September 29th, being held outdoors in The Staddy Car Park and the later two inside the Staddy when the weather got colder and restrictions on meetings were lifted slightly. These of course had full Risk Assessments carried out beforehand and all safety aspects were adhered to.
Lots of books, jigsaws and a few DVDs were exchanged all free of charge, and many of our members have enjoyed reading their new books and doing their new jigsaws, even though a few may have been frustrated at how difficult some of them turned out to be!
Unfortunately, due to Lockdown 2, we haven’t been able to have another Swap Shop as yet, but we hope to start up again as soon as we are able to once the restrictions are lifted again.
So watch this space for news of our next session!