Leigh & District


Membership renewals for 2022-23 are due from 1 April 2022 and again you may renew online using our Members Portal. Online payment will be via PayPal using a debit card, credit card or with a PayPal account. Note that your debit or credit card details are not transmitted to or held in our systems. Renewals and new memberships for next year will be available from 1st March.

We have kept the fee for 2022-23 at £10 for current members as a "thank you" for your loyalty during the pandemic. For new and lapsed members, the fee is £15. If you are an Associate member (i.e. you are a full member of another u3a), the relevant fee is reduced by £4.00.

We do hope that you will renew online as it will greatly reduce our administrative load. Acceptable proof of online membership renewal will be a printed membership card or the membership card stored on a mobile phone or tablet computer.

If you wish to dive straight in to the online payment site, please go to the Members Portal.

Or to read details of what's involved, see the box below.

If you experience difficulty there are a few notes at the bottom of this page.

Another feature of this link is that you can update your personal details including emergency contact, email address etc.

Please also take a minute to read our Privacy Policy.

1. Click the above link to enter the "Members Portal" of our Beacon management system.
2. Enter the requested data including member number, name, postcode and email address. This must EXACTLY match the details we hold for you in our database so, for example, your forename & surname should each start with a capital letter.
3. If paying by credit or debit card make sure you have it to hand
4. Click "Confirm Identity".
5. If this returns you to an empty form then please see the NOTES paragraphs below.
6. Once in the Members Portal, click "Renew your membership".
7. If you share your address with another u3a member then you may be asked if you wish to renew for both. Please check or uncheck this box as required.
8. You will be asked to confirm your gift aid status. If you are already registered with us for gift aid this box will have an "x" in it; if you are not registered but wish to be then click in the empty box. However if your circumstances have changed and you are no longer eligible or do not wish to be registered for gift aid you may uncheck the box.
9. Once you are happy with this page, click the "Make Payment" button and you will be taken into PayPal where you can make the payment. Debit card, credit card or PayPal account are all acceptable means of paying. If paying with a card then do so as a "guest" of PayPal at the bottom of the page.
10. When the payment is complete you will be taken to our u3a web site.
11. You will then receive two emails, one from PayPal and one directly from our Beacon membership system.
* PayPal: This will thank you for making the payment and let you know that we will also be sending you a confirmation of your renewal
* Beacon: This email will confirm that you have renewed your membership and will contain an attachment showing your membership card. This will contain your name and membership number.
12. You may print your membership card or store it on a mobile phone or tablet. Having renewed, you may also collect your pre-printed membership card at a Friday Social. Either of these can be used to confirm your membership at any time in the year.


Unsuccessful in getting into the renewal system?

* Something you have entered into the form is different from what we have recorded in our Beacon system. The most likely explanation is that it is connected with how you are known, e.g. did you give us a nickname or full name, first and second forename, etc. Another explanation could be just having typed a wrong letter by mistake.
* Try again and if you remain unable to access the system then please contact the Membership Secretary.