Leigh & District


There's LOTS going on with the Leigh & District U3A but...

... this page only lists general meetings, talks and any other special events. It does NOT list trips or group meetings, and there are plenty of them.

General meetings at Leigh Miners are usually every 1st and 3rd Friday, starting at 1pm. For details of groups you need to click on the Groups tab above, then look at the Groups List and Timetable Summary. If necessary, contact the Facilitator for a Group to check details of next meeting etc. Please do NOT contact Leigh Miners directly expecting them to know the details - they don't.

Here's a brief guide to navigating your way around the site to find the information you need:

Step 1: click on the Groups tab and scan the list of groups to find a topic or activity you're interested in. Note the day of the week, and in the month, in which the group meets e.g. 4th Tuesday in month. Some groups will have a "Dates for your Diary" section where you can see what's coming up.

Step 2: check a calendar for that date e.g. 4th Tuesday in August is the 28th, when the iPads & Tablets group meet.

Step 3: click on the link to the Group (in blue) to read any further information on that group's page, including the contact details for the Facilitator.

Step 4: if necessary, contact the Group Facilitator to check that the meeting is on.

Step 5: turn up on the day ... and enjoy!

All Leigh & District U3A events take place at Leigh Miners, unless otherwise stated.

Dates for your Diary
April 2019
Fri Apr 19thSocial1pm CANCELLED (since it is Good Friday)
May 2019
Fri May 3rdMeeting1pm Social event and Talk
Guest speaker: Jackie Mafi, "Sweet Memories"
Fri May 17thSocial1pm Social event - everyone welcome
June 2019
Fri Jun 7thMeeting1pm AGM, Social event and Talk
Guest speaker: Diana Leitch, "The Science of Chocolate – Food of the Gods"
Fri Jun 21stSocial1pm Social event - everyone welcome
July 2019
Fri Jul 5thMeeting1pm Social event and Talk
Guest speaker: Jean Finney, "The Origin of Nursery Rhymes"
Fri Jul 19thSocial1pm Social event & AFTERNOON TEA - everyone welcome
August 2019
Fri Aug 2ndMeeting1pm Social event and Talk
Guest speaker: Matt and Yvonne, the 3rd session of their camper van trip round America
Fri Aug 16thSocial1pm Social event - everyone welcome
September 2019
Fri Sep 6thMeeting1pm Social event and Talk
Guest speaker: Gwyneth Millard, "My Very Unusual Aunt"
Fri Sep 20thSocial1pm OPEN DAY - everyone welcome - please spread the word amongst your friends
October 2019
Fri Oct 4thMeeting1pm Social event and Talk
Guest speaker: Peter Wilson, "The Artifacts of Folk and Magic"
Fri Oct 18thSocial1pm Social event - everyone welcome
November 2019
Fri Nov 1stMeeting1pm Social event and Talk
Guest speaker: TBA
Fri Nov 15thSocial1pm Social event - everyone welcome
December 2019
Fri Dec 6thMeeting1pm Social event and Talk
Guest speaker: TBA
Fri Dec 20thSocial1pm Social event - everyone welcome