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No, in this case GM doesn't stand for Genetically Modified, but for Greater Manchester as in the new GM Network which Leigh & District U3A is a part of. Click the links on the right to find out more.

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Citizens Project
There is a possible shared learning initiative from the London Royal Holloway University on a Citizen's Project in developing a website on the history of liberty, protest, rebellion and reform. The letter of invitation is available on a link on the right hand side of this page and may be of interest to our Local History, Family History, Women in History and Crime & Punishment Groups. The idea is also being discussed at a meeting to be held with Manchester University. If any member of group has a topic from local history that may be of interest to the Project, please make the appropriate contact, but also please keep us informed as well. For example, someone may have some knowledge of the "no-man's land" of Hindley during the Civil War, when Wigan was Royalist and Bolton was Parliamentarian.