We meet in the lovely Music room at Baskerville Hall Hotel, Clyro, HR3 5LE for our monthly meetings.
Coffee is available from 10am and the morning session starts at 10.30am
The afternoon session starts at 1.15pm after lunch, which can be ordered on arrival in the morning.
The notice boards are on display in the back room before and after the morning lecture.
Guests are welcome.

The day is open to everyone at £5 for members (£15 annual membership, renewable in January) and £7 for visitors.
We hope you will come and join us at the Baskerville Hall Hotel, Clyro.

U3A national events can be booked via www.u3a.org.uk/events or call the National Office on 0208 466 6139

Dates for your Diary
Tue Jan 21st We start 2020 with our very own Prof Brian Henderson’s presentation:
“Now You’re Old Enough, It’s Time I Explained Genetic Engineering!” (or Genetic Engineering for the Layman.)
In our afternoon session at 1.15pm, after you have processed all that Brian has told you, Tricia Wordley will lead a discussion on Genetic Screening.
P.S. ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTIONS ARE NOW DUE! The subscription is £15
Art History Group
Mon Feb 10th Art History Group meets on the second Monday of the month at 2pm in Cusop Village Hall.
Contact Annie Tong for more information.
Current Affairs
Mon Jan 20th We meet in the Blue Boar in Hay at 2.30pm in the winter months. Contact Martin Wibberley for more information
Film Club
Fri Feb 7th Cusop Village Hall 2pm. THE WOLF OF WALL STREET (2013 USA) Director Michael Scorsese/180 mins
Fri Mar 6th Cusop Village Hall 2pm. MIDNIGHT IN PARIS (2011 USA) Director Woody Allen/94 mins
Tue Feb 4th 2pm Cusop Village Hall. The theme will be Animals". Choices to John Price before the day please.
The Music-All session on 7 January marked the 7th anniversary of the Group and was conducted by tech-maestro John Price. The theme was "Time" and inspired a mix of some well known tracks as well as less familiar material. We also had the pleasure of Barbara's Birthday Cake!
Tue Mar 3rd 2pm Cusop Village Hall.