Hartlepool & District

Welcome to Hartlepool & District U3A

The U3A is a self-help organisation offering people who are not in full time employment and/or are over 60 opportunities to share their knowledge, skills and experience with like-minded people in a wide range of interest groups.

Hartlepool U3A is a collective of people who enjoy learning and having fun, all of whom are in their Third Age. The third age refers to the period of time after the First Age of childhood, studying at school and the Second Age of full time employment, gaining skills at work. Learning is carried out in an informal atmosphere, with the emphasis purely on fun and friendship.

Nobody has to stop learning just because they’ve stopped working. Our U3A is a union of the 3rd age for people who want to keep active in mind and body and are no longer in full time employment.

U3As are self-help, self-managed lifelong learning co-operatives, providing opportunities for their members to share learning experiences in a wide range of interest groups and to pursue learning not for qualifications, but for fun. Our motto is: LIVE, LAUGH, LEARN

The U3A approach to learning is – learning for pleasure. No qualifications are required, and none are given.

Hartlepool and District U3A was formed in September 2011 and has over 140 members. We have over 20 varied Group activities ranging from Archaeology, Family History, Dog Walking to Crafts and Spanish. More groups are being added all the time and we are always looking at new suggestions.

We enjoy learning and leisure activities and acquire new skills in informal surroundings.

The opportunity is now yours to join this


The members meet on the 1st Friday of the month at 2.00pm at

St. JOSEPHS CHURCH/COMMUNITY ROOM on Hutton Avenue (TS26 9PW if you have a SatNav).

You are welcome as a visitor to one of our monthly meetings to see what we have to offer.

The smaller interest groups meet as required at a variety of venues depending on the size of the group, sometimes even in members homes for the smaller groups.

At the monthly meetings there is usually a speaker which you can see from the Events/Speakers page.

Hear about the planned activity groups click on Groups Tab. Become an active participant.

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