We are currently reviving this website, adding lots of useful features and information to help you get the best out of being a member of Halesowen U3A.
Some pages on the website are still due to be updated; we are working hard to replace old with new … meanwhile, thank you for your patience!

The EVENTS page contains lots more dates:

General Meeting dates up to July 2020,
Dates of Outings that have been organised in 2019,
Dates of Holidays & Beginning/ending dates of all terms up to July 2020,
Dates when each Group will be meeting (Alphabetically from Art to Walking)

This list can be ordered either by Category, or by Date by clicking on the "Display event...." tab.

The GROUPS page contains the Group List (Alphabetical)
You can click on any of the Group names for more details.
Groups are in the process of adding more information about what their Group does...
So far, many groups have added information about what they have done, and are doing.
Some have published titles for their meetings in Events.
Other Groups will be telling you more about what they do shortly.

You can click on "New Group Suggestions" if you have a good idea for a Group that fills a gap in our programme. One of our Group Coordinators will be happy to discuss it with you, and help you find out how many members would be interested. If we agree you can run it for a trial period.

On most Group pages you can click to send a message to the Group Leader by clicking on the "Pigeon Post" birdy at the top-right.

Group Meeting dates appear both on that Group's own page AND the EVENTS page.

The BEACON pages tell you a bit about the system we use to administer information about Members, Groups and Finance.

The CONTACT page may be used to send a message to:
Membership Secretary

The MEMBERS page contains information only available for our members, and this is only accessible using a password. You will need to enter the user name and password as printed on this year's Membership Card.

This has got some new photos on it now. If you have some you would like adding, please use CONTACT page and leave a message selecting "Website" saying what you have.

Here too you will find recent Newsletters , and some information and documents provided by our Members and Committee.

Is there something else you think would be good to have on the website?
Then please tell us - use the CONTACT page, selecting "Website"

Watch this space...

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