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General Meetings planned for the AUTUMN TERM have been cancelled, although a few may offer an ONLINE PRESENTATATION

Group Meetings for the AUTUMN TERM
Group Leaders are being asked to state their views about holding meetings for their groups and some of the practical limitations to comply with government statements.

AGM Wed 28 Oct 2020 has been postponed until April 2021


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Rule 1 (the only Rule): It must not mention Coronavirus !
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(Registered Charity No. 1099085)

What Is U3A?

It is a unique and exciting self-help educational movement for people no longer in full time work.

What does it offer?

  • The opportunity to pursue learning for sheer enjoyment and for its own sake
  • Shared learning experiences in a wide range of interest groups
  • New friendships

What does it do?

A U3A's programme reflects its members' wishes and resources. It will cover a wide range of interests, such as languages, art history, music, history, walking, painting and many more.


Founded in 1991, we now have 160 members. We are secular and non-political.
Please do not be put off by the word “University” - no academic qualifications are required and our aim is to run activities that are enjoyable, with learning usually being a happy by-product.

We hold a General Meeting at Hasbury Methodist Church, Albert Road, Halesowen, B63 4SL on alternate Wednesday mornings 10.30 - 12.00 (see EVENTS for details). This is generally a talk given by a visiting speaker. Twice a year, we have "Coffee Plus" when the meeting starts with coffee followed by a presentation from an Interest Group.

Our Groups

We run a number of Interest Groups, some meeting at Hasbury; some at Quinton Methodist Church, some at members' homes and some elsewhere. Meetings are normally meeting fortnightly or monthly.

Do read through the information on this website about our GROUPS.

Members Subscription

The first meeting in January is when members renew their memberships and pay their subscriptions. Our members subscription for the Full Year 2020 is £43 , this reduces each month during the year.

Once you have joined and paid your subscription, there is no limit on the number of Interest Groups to which you can belong, and we do NOT charge you for attending Interest Group meetings!

Should there be any additional costs your Group Leader will tell you. If you go on trips, costs will be made clear to you.
Some Group meetings have a tea/coffee break, and you can expect to donate a suggested small amount towards consumables!

If you wish to include Interest Groups, a member of the Committee will try to introduce you to the group leader but if that is not possible you will be given contact details so that you can introduce yourself.

How do I Join Halesowen U3A ?

If you are thinking of joining us, please contact our Membership Secretary using the CONTACT form, or come to one of our General Meetings (see EVENTS for dates).

Not sure yet?

You may attend three sessions before deciding whether you would like to join.
It is preferable, but not essential, that your first visit is to a General Meeting. If you prefer your first visit to be to a Group Meeting please contact the Membership Secretary for further details.
The Visitor's charge for these first three meetings is only £5.
The second and third visits can be to any combination of General Meetings and Interest Group meetings.

Can I join during the year?

Subscriptions for new members are on a sliding scale, depending on the month you join, and the visitor's charge is normally deducted.

We look forward to meeting you