Halesowen u3a now uses the BEACON system for its data management tasks.

Beacon provides individual U3As with a secure, integrated, efficient and effective means of managing their day-to-day business functions, Members, Groups and Finances.


The links on the right take you to ...
Recent Beacon Newsletters
Beacon Calendar Link (shows dates and events from 6th Jan 2020 as stored on our live Beacon System)
Beacon Groups Link (shows groups stored on our live Beacon System
Beacon Members Portal (YOU will need to provide details to identify yourself to Beacon)

Both the Beacon Calendar Link and the Beacon Groups Link are also on the GROUPS page of this website.



Beacon provides a comprehensive set of tools for handling all aspects of membership: new members, renewals, subscriptions, address changes, membership cards and communications.
Accurate information about our members is important for all these reasons, and Beacon behind the scenes connects Members details with the Groups they belong to, and their Memberships fees, so we can manage Halesowen u3a well.


Financial management is based on a secure, simple transaction approach. Every transaction can be assigned to individuals, groups and categories, and the system provides tools for
reconciliation with bank accounts and regular reporting.
This is mostly the domain of our Treasurer, who understands these things.


Groups are the heart of a u3a, and Beacon (along with this website) provides our group leaders with our group membership management, easy communication with group members and being able to share our Calendar of Events.
Our aim is to get more Group Leaders managing their lists of group members and calendar of their own group meetings online themselves - several already do.



FOR OUR GROUP LEADERS, TRIP ORGANISERS and others with specific responsibilities...

Beacon Live System Login (you will need to be given a LOGIN and PASSWORD to be able to use this)

Access to our live Halesowen u3a Beacon site is provided for administrators/ group leaders and others needing it, via an individual login which will be allocated.
Please initially send a message to BEACON on our CONTACT page for advice/requests regarding BEACON.

Beacon also have a demonstration site which uses dummy data intended for potential future users of Beacon, so if you really want to see what it does without breaking anything vital, send a message to BEACON on our CONTACT page.

Upgrade to Beacon2
During 2021, Beacon1 was supposed to have undergone a major revamp - this was due to the software writers failing to deliver the software :-(
However some changes and improvements have been made to Beacon1, and it continues to be a very valuable tool in our management at Halesowen u3a.