Group Record Charts

Leaders will need to have access to the contact details for their groups. This access must comply with General Data Protection Regulations and Members’ Privacy Rights.

u3a Gosport uses the Third Age recommended Beacon Database for members’ contact details. Group Leaders can register for privileged access to the Beacon Database to set up communications with their members.

Group Leaders are encouraged to communicate by email from the Beacon Database. Members’ personal contact details should only be recorded when needed for the functioning of the group. All such records should be destroyed when they are no longer needed and especially records of members leaving the group.

From Beacon, Group Leaders can download group lists with phone numbers and email addresses to carry out data accuracy checks or for other operational purposes.

Emergency contact details are not currently held on the Beacon Database. Leaders will request this information if it is judged necessary for members’ safety related to the activity they are involved in. It is recommended that Group Leaders discuss with their members how to manage the storage and access to this sensitive information.

It is useful to keep a record of attendance especially if the capacity of a Group’s venue is limited – see the Group Register.

The forms are available in PDF format. They can be supplied as Word Documents for leaders to adapt to their needs.