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2nd THURSDAY of the month, except August, 10 for 10.30 am

NEXT MEETING - 12th September 2019

Dates for your Diary
Thu Sep 12th Oliver Twist: Providence, Parable and the Poor
Dr Keith Hooper, a former student at Exeter University and author of a recently commissioned biography of Charles Dickens, provides a new perspective into the much loved story of Oliver Twist.
Thu Oct 10th Westwood to Hollywood and Beyond
Judi Spiers, the British radio and television presenter treats us to a stroll through her early career from drama school to Westwood Television and national BBC with Pebble Mill and Radio 2. Members may recognise her voice from her days as presenter of the morning show on Radio Devon.
Thu Nov 14th Real Secrets of Alternative Medicine
Patients in the UK spend more than £1.68 million per year on Complementary and Alternative Medicine, for which there is no evidence of credible means of effect. U3A member Richard Rawlins combines his experience as a doctor, with his insights as a magician, to expose how alternative medicine works - and how patients can avoid being quacked or defrauded.
Thu Dec 12th Edward VIII’s Other Women
Author Rachel Trethewey tells the story of the women Edward V111 loved before Mrs Simpson dominated his life. First there was Rosemary Leveson-Gower, a perfect aristocratic partner, then there was Freda Dudley Ward, the great love of Edward’s early life, and finally Thelma Furness, the twice married American divorcee. Our speaker will shed light on these ladies’ romances with the heir to the throne and what happened to them after the end of their affairs.
Thu Jan 9th 2020 The Place Names of Devon
Robert Hesketh will give a talk about the key aspects of place names and specifically place names in Devon. The origin and evolution of place names such as ton, ford, leah and ham will be covered. The images are intended to show how place names relate to the landscape.
Thu Feb 13th 2020 The Colourful Lives of Devon’s Marine Wildlife
Dazzlingly coloured fish building nests and guarding territories, limpets battling, crabs replacing their armour and then decorating it, sea slugs getting weapons from their food..... These are a few of the surprising activities that go on close to our beaches here in Devon. This talk given by Marine Biologist Paul Naylor will show that the reality of marine life is extremely colourful, in terms of both visual impact and animal behaviour.
Thu Mar 12th 2020 Three Hares – the Cross-cultural Journey of a Medieval Motif
Historian Susan Andrew will be telling us about the intriguing image of three hares running in a circle, and sharing ears which form a triangle in the centre of the design. This motif is found in the sacred places of three major religions between the sixth and the eighteenth centuries. The motif is a puzzle, for although each creature is depicted with two ears, between them there are only three.
Thu Apr 9th 2020 Being a Yeoman Warder
Our speaker John Keohane, was Chief Yeoman Warder, the most senior member of the Sovereign’s Bodyguard based at the Tower of London, and often referred to by visitors as “Beefeaters.” One ceremonial role of the Chief Yeoman Warder involves the nightly closing down ceremony of the Tower known as the Ceremony of the Keys.
Thu May 14th 2020 Annual General Meeting
To include a talk entitled…………
Passports, Assassins & Spies
Thrill to a dramatic account given by Martin Lloyd of how the actions of a group of assassins brought about a change in the passport regulations; how the unmasking of a spy caused a modification in passport design and how, for one man, the passport itself turned into a killer.