Dart Valley

Monthly Meetings

2nd THURSDAY of the month, except August, 10 for 10.30 am

NEXT MEETING - 11th April 2019

Chairman Gail Richmond welcomed a near capacity audience at the Flavel for Dart Valley U3A’s monthly meeting on Thursday 14th March. After announcing plans for Dart Valley U3A to join a Beach Clean at Thurlestone Sands on 6th April, Jack Richmond introduced our speaker, Adam Hart-Davis, and his talk Are We Alone in the Universe? In fact, as presenter of TV programmes such as Local Heroes and What the Romans Did for Us, Adam Hart-Davis needed very little introduction and was warmly welcomed by those present.

We then had a speedy, informative and highly entertaining tour of the universe covering what we know and perhaps more important what we don’t know and for which we are still searching. Is there any life out there? Is it intelligent life? Could it build a telescope? We do know that all life depends on liquid water – that is between 0-60◦. Adam told us about the Goldilocks Zone around a star where the temperature is just right, not too hot and not too cold, for liquid water to exist. Jupiter and Saturn are too cold, Mercury and Venus are too hot. The popularity of the term ‘flying saucer’ derived from a 1947 report to an American newspaper describing a ‘saucer shaped’ object in the sky which resulted in headlines screaming ‘Flying Saucers ‘. Voyager 1, launched by NASA in 1977 to study the Outer Solar System is still travelling at one million miles a day – but it will take another 40,000 years to reach the nearest star. We are, therefore, unlikely to be visited by aliens as it would take too long!

Following some very interesting questions and answers a vote of thanks was given by Bill Hawthorne.

Dart Valley U3A meets again for their Open Day on Thursday 11th April.

Dates for your Diary
Thu Apr 11th Open Day
An opportunity to meet with representatives from the numerous Special Interest groups who will demonstrate and display aspects of their group’s activities. Members and general public are all welcome to come and find out what our local U3A can offer.
Thu May 9th A Trip Down the River Charente
King Henri IV described the Charente as “The most beautiful river in my kingdom.” But it is much more than that. It is a border between warring forces over several centuries, the invasion route for the Vikings, the main transportation route until the arrival of the railways and now an important tourist attraction. Brian Freeland is the speaker.
Thu Jun 13th Annual General Meeting
Followed by a talk. The speaker and title to be confirmed.