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Newsletter - ThirdThursday

October 2020 NUMBER 46 - Editor Peter Mitchell

A Message from our Chairman, Chris Elkins

I would love to write a message telling everyone that things are getting better but that is not the case. As we have been told recently, we need to continue to protect ourselves from the virus over the next six months or possibly longer. We know that our age group is more vulnerable than younger people and many of us also have pre-existing health conditions which make them even more at risk.

We will only get through this, if we continue to follow the rules and keep away from those people and places where others are not following the rules.

The Rule of 6 may mean we cannot visit family, but it is most important because it is there to protect our older age group! Most younger people catching the virus suffer little or no symptoms but those over 60 are the ones that have and will be most affected by it.

Also, remember that wearing a face mask does not protect you, as it only stops you spreading germs. So, when you have been anywhere, particularly in shops, use hand gel before getting into your car or touching even your car keys.
Meeting people outside is going to be far more difficult as Winter approaches. When the weather was good, it was easy to meet up in the park and sit for an hour or so having a chat, but who wants to do that when it is cold and raining. Maybe, on colder days wrap up warm and meet others for a walk or a slow stroll and talk as you walk. This is far safer than lots of you meeting indoors, even if there are only six of you.

The American Witch Hazel, Hamamelis virginiana, flowering in October in a local Burgess Hill garden. H. virginiana was the first species to be discovered and introduced to cultivation by Western botanists in the late 15th Century. As additional species were discovered in America, China and Japan there are now many clones and hybrids to choose from, many with fantastic autumn, winter and spring colours.

U3A National
High Street Project

The Burgess Hill input to this extensive UK wide project is now completed and has been uploaded to the National Project Folder. The Burgess Project Team, consisting of three U3A members, surveyed and photographed over 200 shops and offices within the centre of our market town.
Each of the shops and offices required individual questionnaires to be completed and a photograph to be added.
A very sincere "thank you" to Beryl Adams, Jean Ellis and Peter Mitchell, all members of our Burgess Hill Family History Group.

A holiday in Poole?
Margaret Watson has recently returned for a holiday in Poole, staying at a holiday property overlooking the harbour, advertised in the U3A Third Age Matters. It was a perfect location, strongly recommended.

A welcome Autumn Cyclamen. A fantastic clump of flowers with one large corm below; pops up each year without fail, getting bigger and bigger, and it wasn't planted, it just 'arrived'!

Burgess Hill U3A Tai Chi Group
They have taken the big leap forward from Skype to Zoom. If you would like to join this group please contact Mary Mitchell on 01444 236848.

Back To Basics Online Security Advice from Sussex and Surrey Police
This was sent to me a days ago:

• Choose, use and protect passwords carefully, and use a different one for every online account in case one or more get hacked. Try using three random words and strengthening them with numbers, symbols and combinations of upper and lower case letters.
• Ensure you always have internet security software (often called anti-virus/anti-spyware) loaded on computers and a similar app on your mobile devices, and that this is kept updated and switched on. Remember that smartphones and tablets can get infected in a similar way to computers.
• Always apply updates to operating systems and software on your computer and apps on your mobile devices. Many include vital security updates to avoid hacking or malware.
• Never assume that Wi-Fi hotspots in places like cafés, bars and hotel rooms are secure, so don’t use them when you’re doing anything confidential online. Instead, use your data, a mobile broadband modem (dongle) or if it’s for work, a VPN (virtual private network).
• Always consider that online or on the phone, people aren’t always who they claim to be. Fake emails, texts and phone calls are a favourite way for fraudsters to approach their victims.
• Don’t click on links in emails, posts, tweets of texts – and don’t open attachments – if the source isn’t 100% known and trustworthy, or it seems strange that you’d be receiving them.
• Never pay for anything by direct bank transfer – including goods, services, tickets, travel and holidays – unless it’s to someone you know personally and is reputable.
• Never reveal too much personal or financial information in emails, on social networking and dating sites and in person. You never know who might see it, or use it.
• Always report fraud or abuse to the appropriate authorities.
Keeping in touch is so important for our health and well being especially at this time. We are all feeling worried and anxious so do not be afraid to contact our network. If you are finding it difficult being cooped up inside and would like a chat then contact Peter Mitchell, 01444 236848 and he will contact one of the 'Keeping in Touch' team of Burgess Hill U3A members to contact you.


Yes, 'cruise' bear has been collected from the cruise liner by the 'sailor' bears in a luxurious boat and has been put ashore at the nearest port to home. There was a welcoming group of bears for 'cruise' bear's arrival at the marina and they wished 'cruise' bear a safe journey home. After being on the liner for many weeks, possibly months, 'cruise' bear's legs are not as reliable as they should be.
Miraculously, 'far east' bear has 'remembered' where the travel documents, allegedly lost, were hidden and has now left the countries with unpronounceable names. Now, 'far east' bear needs to find a way home without falling foul of the law enforcement agencies.

The Story Continues
After many months on the anchor cruise liner 'cruise' bear reluctantly says goodbye to the welcoming party and starts on the relative short journey home. Bearing in mind that 'cruise' bear's legs are not all they should be and frequent rests are the order of the day. However, 'cruise' bear falls asleep by the roadside and only wakes up to see the sun setting. Unsure of reaching home in the dark 'cruise' bear decides to seek shelter in a haystack.
Meanwhile, 'far east' bear has arrived in eastern europe and is hoping to meet with one of The Orient Express bears who would be able to offer advice and help on train travel across Europe. Indeed, 'far east' bear is looking forward to quite a scenic route with a number of interesting stop-overs. However, 'far east' bear needs to travel westwards across Turkey to Istanbul, hopefully to meet up with one of The Orient Express bears.

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Please continue to be aware of scams via the telephone, email, web pages and random people knocking on doors