Burgess Hill

Newsletter - ThirdThursday

JUNE 2020 - NUMBER 32 - Editor Peter Mitchell

Well, here we are in mid June, lots of sunshine, very little rain; we really need a number of over-night rainfalls in the south east for our crops and gardens.

The Recorder group is meeting on Zoom at the same time they would normally meet on a Tuesday. They are unable to play their recorders because there is a time lag on the system. So they have a good chat, some with a cup of tea - (what no cake?). Thank you Christine for the good news.

Margaret would love some feedback on the quizzes and just generally how you are coping during these strange times. Contact Margaret Carroll on 01444 244259 or margaretcarroll@talktalk.net

A few gentle exercises will keep our joints working, these can be done while watching TV, standing at the sink doing the washing up.

1 - Heel Raises - stand tall, holding the back of a sturdy kitchen chair or the kitchen sink, lift your heels off the floor, taking your weight onto your big toes. Hold for three seconds then lower with control. Repeat 10 times.

2 - Leg Lifts - sit on a firm chair and lift your right leg up as far as you can hold to the count of five then lower your leg and repeat using your left leg, repeat the process 5 times.

Keeping in touch is so important for our health and well being especially at this time. We are all feeling worried and anxious and sometimes frightened so do not be afraid to contact our network. If you are finding it difficult being cooped up inside and would like a chat then contact Peter Mitchell, 01444 236848 and he will contact one of the 'Keeping in Touch' team of Burgess Hill U3A members to contact you.

Please pass a copy of ThirdThursday to those who you know do not have email.

Copy date for the July 2020 edition of ThirdThursday is Monday 13 July 2020.

Contributions to Peter Mitchell at mitchell@platform11.org.uk or by post to 11 Wingle Tye Road, Burgess Hill RH15 9HR, tel 01444 236848.

Keep Safe. Don't forget that the Under 70s Support Group (shopping, collecting prescriptions etc) is there to help both the over 70s and under 70s in a high risk group. Contact Chris Elkins on 01444 245283 or chriselkins50@hotmail.com.