Burgess Hill


Burgess Hill U3A - Re-starting Face-to-Face Activities

The Board of Trustees has created a document using the Covid 19 Activities Advice for England U3As on Third Age Trust’s website and added a simple interpretation for BH U3A of the detailed advice from the Third Age Trust. This combined document (Advice for Re-starting Interest Groups) can be downloaded from the Links section of our website. The Third Age Trust’s risk assessment form ( Assessment Checklist in Covid-19, available both as a pdf and Word document) can also be downloaded from the same section of our website.

They have tried to keep the BH U3A advice/interpretation as simple as possible and ask everyone to treat it as a help not a hindrance. The risk assessment form includes part 2 covering personal assessment. The most important thing for this is that every member is reminded about - Hands – Face – Space, and their personal responsibility for checking symptoms, self-isolating and getting tested.

We can re-start face-to-face group meetings when the group leader is able to comply with the advice in the document "Advice for Re-starting Interest Groups" and any additional requirements specified by a rented venue and sends the Group Coordinator (Rosie Elkins, rosieelkins@hotmail.co.uk) a completed risk assessment for group meetings at the venue location. Ideally, we should plan to re-start face-to-face activities indoors from, say, 1 September. However, we know that some groups are keen to start earlier, and they can do so, provided they can meet all the conditions above.

South East u3a Forum – Summer School University of Chichester

Summer Schools have been held at the University of Chichester every year since 2005. We remember with gratitude Edna Wright and her team who ran the Summer School very successfully for its first five years. Helen Turner took over as organiser in 2010 and we now run courses for around one hundred and ninety students and tutors on campus, most of whom occupy ensuite study bedrooms. Each year we offer around a dozen courses on a changing range of topics. We are very grateful to Helen, her support team and to all the course tutors who provide their efforts voluntarily and have done so from the start. Members from every part of the country are very welcome to attend our Summer School.

The Summer Schools in 2020 and 2021 were cancelled because of the coronavirus pandemic but we have booked the date for our next Summer School as Monday 20 June 2022. For the latest information follow the link from our u3a website to South East u3a Forum