Burgess Hill


Burgess Hill U3A - Re-starting Face-to-Face Activities

The Board of Trustees has created a document using the Covid 19 Activities Advice for England U3As on Third Age Trust’s website and added a simple interpretation for BH U3A of the detailed advice from the Third Age Trust. This combined document (Advice for Re-starting Interest Groups) can be downloaded from the Links section of our website. The Third Age Trust’s risk assessment form ( Assessment Checklist in Covid-19, available both as a pdf and Word document) can also be downloaded from the same section of our website.

They have tried to keep the BH U3A advice/interpretation as simple as possible and ask everyone to treat it as a help not a hindrance. The risk assessment form includes part 2 covering personal assessment. The most important thing for this is that every member is reminded about - Hands – Face – Space, and their personal responsibility for checking symptoms, self-isolating and getting tested.

We can re-start face-to-face group meetings when the group leader is able to comply with the advice in the document "Advice for Re-starting Interest Groups" and any additional requirements specified by a rented venue and sends the Group Coordinator (Rosie Elkins, rosieelkins@hotmail.co.uk) a completed risk assessment for group meetings at the venue location. Ideally, we should plan to re-start face-to-face activities indoors from, say, 1 September. However, we know that some groups are keen to start earlier, and they can do so, provided they can meet all the conditions above.