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John Pattinson gave the assembled members an extremely interesting talk on how the indigenous Native Americans were maltreated by the European settlers who invaded their tribal lands and forced them onto reservations.
We also learned of the treaties made by, and subsequently broken by the United States government, thus leading to the "Indian Wars".
General Custer, who had an undying hatred of the Native Americans was responsible for a huge influx of white settlers when he announced that he had found gold in their territory.
This caused the natives to revolt and Custer saw this as an opportunity to wipe out the tribes.
However, unbeknownst to General Custer, there were many more braves camped by the river Little Big Horn and when he attempted his foray against his enemy he was met by overwhelming odds and as a result he and his troops were wiped out.
Wounded Knee was a massacre carried out by the United States cavalry when they opened fire with Hotchkiss (Gatling) guns on a gathering of peace seeking chiefs and braves.
The cause of this slaughter was a single gun shot, which hurt no one, fired when a cavalry man tried to take a pistol from a deaf and dumb brave who had not realised that his compatriots had surrendered their weapons to prove their desire for peace.
Resulting from this incident twenty Congressional Medals of Honor were awarded to the soldiers responsible for the killings. This is more than the number of Medals of Honor presented during WW1, WW2, Korea, Vietnam and the Iraq campaigns.
Subsequently the United States Government admitted their guilt for Wounded Knee BUT DID NOT RESCIND THE MEDALS.
Today the Native Americans live in terrible conditions with high unemployment rates, inadequate food and medical facilities and are treated like second class citizens.
They are still a proud people and welcome visitors like John to their reservations and sacred lands.
On behalf of Bede of Jarrow U3A a vote of thanks was given by Dave Scrafton with the audience responding in the usual manner.



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October 7thPeter TalbotSmall Boat Adventures,
November 4thFoolsgold AcousticStories and Music.
December 2ndRev. George CallenderActor, minister and female impersonator



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