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At the meeting on Monday 9th April Chairman Brian Green presented the following with tokens of thanks for their sterling services given to the smooth running of Bede of Jarrow U3A.

present1 June Bews for running the Coffee Mornings.

present3 David McLeod for his time as Membership Secretary.

Joan McLeod for her tenure as Treasurer.

present2 John Sutherland for his time as Chairman.



Our speaker, Sharon Vincent, gave an interesting and informative talk, illustrated by slides, on the subject of "Body Snatchers and Anatomists".
There was such a demand for cadavers from the medical teaching establishments for surgeons that a thriving trade in recently deceased people sprang up in the cities where such schools existed. London and Edinburgh being foremost in this domain.
To supply the inexhaustible demand for bodies for dissection grave robbers or so called "Resurrection Men" would prey on the graves of recently deceased people and, stripping them of their shrouds, carry them off to the waiting surgeons and their pupils.
When the demand outstripped supply many of these "Resurrectionists" resorted to murder to provide the required subjects.
Burke and Hare were two of the most infamous of the aforesaid, plying vagrants and the like with strong drink laced with laudanum then smothering their victims before selling on the corpse to the medical schools.
Children from Ireland were shipped across to Britain, murdered and then purchased by the surgeons at so much per inch.
When the supply of bodies snatched from graves became more difficult due to the introduction of "mort safes", iron grilles placed over graves, iron coffins and neck braces bolted round the neck of the deceased to prevent bodies being dragged from coffins, the poorhouses and lunatic asylums were used as sources of bodies.
This was because the parish had to meet the cost of paupers' burials so if someone purporting to be a relative claimed the dead person the parish did not have to pay out, thus saving money.
Ultimately Parliament passed law which did away with the need to disturb the graveyards and so the "Resurrection Men" were consigned to history.
It must be stated that, had such heinous goings on not have happened, we would not have the medical knowledge we have today.
Imagine if a surgeon did not know the whereabouts of an appendix, or where some major organ is located in the body.
The resulting probing and cutting would be catastrophic!
After Sharon's talk the members showed their appreciation in the usual manner.



Membership fees for the year 2018 - 2019 are now due.

The cost of full membership of Bede of Jarrow U3A is £12:00 per person.

If you are a member of another U3A the cost is £8:50 per person.

Payment can be made by posting your remittance together with a stamped, addressed envelope to:

Mr. David McLeod
Membership Secretary
64 Leicester Way
Tyne and Wear
NE32 4XN


Forthcoming Speakers


May 14thPeter BarronLife of a Newspaper Hack.
June 4thNorman KirklamDead Bodies and Dark Places.
July 2ndPhil CurtisLife in the 1950's.
August 6thRichard F. StevensonMad History Bloke.
September 3rdColin BourdiecGeorge Formby.
October 1st TO BE CONFIRMED.
November 5thWalter CarrQueen Victoria.
December 3rdPantomime?



Due to an increase in the price of Hall Hire and in the cost of tea and coffee it has been decided that members will no longer be supplied with free beverages at the monthly Coffee Mornings.

Members will be able to purchase tea and/or coffee from the counter outside the hall.

The Coffee Morning entrance fee of £1:00 per head remains unchanged and gives the chance to win a raffle prize.



An appeal has been made by our Chairman, Brian Green, for the members to consider donating suitable items as prizes for upcoming raffles.

If you can help all donations will be gratefully received. Thank you in advance.




If you have any suggestions to make that you feel would enhance our U3A, perhaps YOU have an idea for a new group or for an outing to a special place?

Please approach any Committee member with your ideas/suggestions.



Do you know of any member of our U3A who is ill, in hospital or recovering from an operation?

lf so, please let Ann Risebrough, Almoner, 0191 483 4348 know in order that she may take steps to contact them.