Harleston & District


We meet at 2pm in the Masonic Rooms, Harleston, Norfolk IP20 9EN

To start, an invited speaker will give a talk, followed by tea/coffee and then a half hour social and notices, (please see Meeting Diary below), plenty of time is allowed for questions and comments. There is a charge of £1 for members (£2 for visitors). Non-members are most welcome at the monthly meetings.

Dates for your Diary
Wed Oct 17th For Better or Worse - a History of Marriage. Tony Neobard and Kate Broad are two of the partners in the family history research business English Roots Finder. Between them they have over 60 years' experience of genealogical research and are also authors of two family history books. Their talk focuses on marriage in times past. It includes a light-hearted look at what happened if you did not marry, and what your options were if you did, but were not happy with your choice. It also takes a glimpse at some of the more bizarre goings-on showing that wedded bliss was not all it was cracked out to be.
Wed Nov 21st Give Me Sunshine - The Weather and How it Affects all our Lives.
Wed Jan 16th The Harleston and Waveney Art Trail: a brief history of HWAT, explaining the philosophy behind it and showing a range of images from a wide selection of current and recent members together with other anecdotes about the people and work involved in the Trail. It will include background and working methods of some of the members and introduce the book "Waveney Reflections" that was published a couple of years ago.
Wed Feb 20th Art Attack – A History of Vandalism in Art: This talk looks at works of art which have been vandalised since Renaissance times, and the reasons behind these 'criminal acts'. The talk is divided into three sections – ‘Political Motivations’, ‘Mad Attacks’ and ‘Artist Attacks’. Though a serious and at times, disturbing subject, it does contain a good dose of humour! Richly illustrated it includes the ‘suffragette slashings’ of the ‘Rokeby Venus’ and ‘Portrait of Henry Lamb’, the Messiah-possessed geologist’s hammer attack on ‘Michelangelo’s Pieta’, the explosion of the Buddhas of Bamiyan by the Taliban and surprisingly, examples of artist’s own acts of vandalism such as the Chapman Brothers’ ‘improvements’ on their Goya etchings and the 2012 ‘Yellowist’ attack on a valuable Mark Rothko in Tate Modern.
Tue Mar 19th Boudicca - was queen of the Iceni people of Eastern England and led a major uprising against occupying Roman forces. When the Romans conquered southern England in AD 43, they allowed Prasutagus, Boudicca’s husband, to continue to rule. However, when he died the Romans decided to rule the Iceni directly and confiscated the property of the leading tribesmen. They are also said to have stripped and flogged Boudicca and raped her daughters. Boudicca's warriors successfully defeated the Roman Ninth Legion and destroyed the capital of Roman Britain, then at Colchester. They went on to destroy London and Verulamium (St Albans). Thousands were killed. Finally, Boudicca was defeated by a Roman army led by Paulinus. Many Britons were killed and Boudicca is thought to have poisoned herself to avoid capture.
Wed Apr 17th Tax, Care and Toy Boys (tbc): Protecting your family’s nest egg- practical help and advice on how to protect as much of your wealth as possible for future generations; Inheritance tax - How to make sure that you make the most of tax allowances and tax planning opportunities.
Stopping ‘sideways disinheritance’ – How to help protect the family home and savings for future generations and go to the children and grandchildren.
Lasting Powers of Attorney - As we continue to live longer, a large number of us will suffer from dementia and lose the capacity to look after ourselves. Having LPAs in place will remove the burden from your family and help reduce the stress and cost to your family at a very difficult time.
Wed May 15th Ten Steps to Becoming a Roman Emperor: acclaimed author on the Roman period gives a light-hearted talk which is both informative and entertaining. Ralph takes us on a trip through the 10 steps to becoming a Roman emperor: choose your friends carefully, understand the power of propaganda, ignore your parents, be brutal, and so on…Copies of Ralph’s books will be available for purchase.
Wed Jun 19th In or Out? Medieval Ideas of Contraception – Dr Hawkins returns to enlighten us further on Medieval medical matters. She will explain the
extraordinary lengths our ancestors went to to attempt to conceive a boy child, or to try to avoid conceiving altogether. You will learn to what extent the methods were based on science or myth.
Wed Jul 17th How to Become a House Detective: Stephen shares his experience of researching the story of the 17th century cottage in Needham which he moved into recently. He’ll recount the tales of the owners and residents of his home over more than 300 years, who ranged from Victorian farmers and bricklayers to a Georgian gentlewoman of independent means and a wealthy 17th century landowner. He also describes the various processes and historic documents involved in investigating the background of any historic property.
Wed Aug 21st The Life and Times of an Essex Bad Girl: From Crime Queen to Pig Farmer. Tracy, gives an account of the shocking life that led to her serving a lengthy stretch in jail before she fought back to become a successful businesswoman, establishing the much acclaimed ‘Giggly Pig’ enterprise.