Monthly Meetings

Our General meetings are held on the third Friday of the month at St James Hall (Except August and December). The hall is accessible for wheelchair users.

The doors open at 9.30 am to enable people to catch up with friends, check availability of groups and sign up for outings. Tea, coffee and biscuits are served. Each group takes it in turns to provide the tea and coffee - click Tea to see the rota. The minutes of the most recent committee meeting will be available on the notice board, usually situated to the left of the screen, and the talk begins around 10:20am.

The programme of talks for the next few months is described in the table below.


Some outings that have been arranged are listed below, and for some events more information can be obtained by clicking on the name of the destination.

Outings are also advertised at the Monthly Meetings. To reserve a place on an outing please sign up with Doug Anderson or Jenny Morris.

Dates for your Diary
Fri Jan 17th 2020 Philip Macdougall: Portsmouth Dockyard

Once the largest dockyard in the world,this talk traces the many ways in which Portsmouth Dockyard has changed and developed over time.
Fri Feb 21st 2020 No Talk : AGM
Fri Mar 20th 2020 Lizzie Gilks: A Policemen's Lot

Tony and Lizzie Gilks of Timespan70 will entertain us with a history of, and stories from, the early days of the police force.
Fri Apr 17th 2020 Colin van Geffen: The Story of the Schnider Air Races

Colin van Geffen covers the history of the Schneider Trophy from its inception in 1912, to the last race in 1931 and beyond. A time when Britain led the world in aviation design and technology, and took pride in its achievements.
Sat May 16th 2020 Malcolm Wells MBE: So Far So Good

Covering topics of army life (the Gulf War),behind the scenes at Buckingham Palace investitures and how to train a guide dog to use a washing machine.
Fri Jun 19th 2020 t.b.a.
Fri Jul 17th 2020 Steve Herra: Cunards History and Glamorous Stars

Steve Herra is a third generation former Cunard employee having had both his father and grandmother sail before him. Discover the history of the prestigious Cunard Line from 1840 until the present day, including some of the more famous liners with their even more famous passengers. Which actress brought her own chickens on board the Queen
Mary because she wanted fresh eggs every day? Or what did Charles Dickens think about the furnishings aboard Britannia?
Fri Sep 18th 2020 Andrew Negus: Southampton - Water Slaughter and Trade Pt 1

Andrew returns to regale us with the story of Southampton from its earliest Roman days to the middle of the 19th century.