Baddow & Galleywood

October 2015 Speaker


Glenys Chatterley is a great supporter of Farleigh Hospice and uses spare time to support the Hospice. She often presents “13 things I thought I could not do” to raise money for Farleigh.

Glenys spoke about twelve of the 13 challenges and showed slides to illustrate her doing the challenge. (The twelfth was censored! It was attending a nudist holiday in France!)

Apart from above French escapade, Glenys explained how she felt about each challenge so vividly that members could feel how they would probably feel, if they had done them! As an example Glenys explained how it felt to have snakes draped round her neck – and she had hated snakes all her life. She then showed a picture of a tarantula sitting on her hand - with her not daring to move!

Having a tattoo was very painful, which she did not think would be the case, but cycling several miles covering the Rodings was more so because she didn’t realise how many Rodings there were and the area they covered!

Members could see that Glenys was not a young woman, nor really equipped with a physique like a marathon runner – but she had a go at all of them; finding them hard work. She thought riding a horse might be easier but when she very gently approached the horse it gave her great misgivings because of the look in its eye – and she had never been on a horse before.

Members might have seen her walking on red hot coals as she performed this outside the Saracen’s Head in Chelmsford. Surprisingly she said this was not very painful at all. Many in the audience would probably have thought standing up on the upper wing of a biplane (without a crash helmet) the scariest but somehow she managed it. Afterwards she asked why a crash helmet could not be worn. It was explained that even if she had had one, it would have offered no protection as if she had fallen off - she would have been dead!

Members were probably relieved when she completed her talk as many showed concern when some explanations of her exploits were given. At the conclusion after members had applauded her for her talk, the Speaker Secretary thanked Glenys and informed members that her fee was being given to Farleigh Hospice.