Baddow & Galleywood

Garden Group Meetings 2016

January 7th - Maike Windhurst spoke to us on 'Growing for the Flower Arranger All the Year Round'
Great turn out this afternoon and 31 enjoyed a rather different gardening aspect to usual. Maike spoke about tending plants and weeds with a view to flower arranging. She gave tips like soaking anemone bulbs before planting to using all sorts of foliage to compliment flowers. Some plants I recognised and others were new varieties but I now feel encouraged to consider all year round variety in our garden although perhaps when it is a little warmer as I am a fair weather gardener!!
Following a Q&A session we enjoyed tea and biscuits, thanks Jenny and Phyllis. Also Lesley B had 10 copies of a gardening crossword which were bought for 20p to be solved and taken back next meeting. The winner will be honoured with the prize monies. (If more than one person has solved it correctly then there will be a raffle for the winner!!) Thanks Lesley and thanks to all those who brought in raffle prizes which boosted funds. And someone, who shall remain nameless was near to tears when she didn't win Margot's snowdrops!!
Which reminds me that people are fighting to take on the Co-ordinator role and it looks like it will be a close run thing so get your requests in to me asap or you may lose out!! In case you wonder, I will be sending out the usual reminder email in the last week of January for next month’s meeting and meanwhile happy gardening.
I read recently that studies show that at least 30 minutes gardening per week can boost health so that’s very good news for us all. Perhaps planning gardening counts too!!

February 4th - Brian Carline talked about " The science of plants with organic veg and flower growing with plenty of humour."

March 3rd - We welcomed back David from Abercorn to chat about 'What's new and spring in general' He had brought plants and products with him and chatted about them with his usual knowledge and humour which was very well received.!!

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July 7th - Cant's Colchester - rosefield tour
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December 1st - Meeting at Bowls Club 2.15pm - a social afternoon with photos and mince pies