Saturday Talks

From September 2020 we are staging our Saturday Talks by Zoom, which is an excellent platform for lectures as the speaker can share his powerpoint on our screens. Peter Jarman’s experience of this is that one can see and hear better than in the Methodist Hall!

We will try to keep the social aspects of the occasion by having a Chairman’s introduction and members’ questions.

Anna can walk you through setting up and using the Zoom app by phone if you request this.

Reminders about talks and the zoom links will be sent to all members at least three days in advance.

Recordings may be made, and if that happens all members will be notified of how to view them.

So do join the Zoom Talks and help to make it an occasion.

Dates for your Diary
Sat Jul 10th Peter Jarman: Steps towards a more peaceful world Begins at 10.30am.

Peter Jarman, formerly Europe Secretary of Quaker Peace and Service, an accredited journalist based in Moscow and an Associate of the Swedish Trans-National Foundation for Peace Research. He graduated in pure and applied nuclear physics, and was on the first Aldermaston March of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament.

He will give some anecdotal reflections with illustrations based on his many visits to the former Soviet Union and other Communist States including China. They included meetings both with members of the ruling Communist parties and with persons and groups oppressed by them.

We were fortunate to have survived the nuclear confrontation of the Cold War years: was the conflict poorly managed?

What are the prospects of more peaceful relations with Russia and China today?