How to Join

Our courses and activities are for York U3A members only. Subscriptions are very reasonable and are renewable during the month of August.

Membership covers the option to join any number of Groups with spaces, attend Saturday Talks and apply for Trips and Holidays. Groups may involve a very small extra charge (for example to cover room hire and/or coffee). Any extra charge will be stated as you enrol with the leader of each course/Group. Groups are self-supporting financially and any extra money will be collected at group meetings. There is a charge for Saturday Meetings and Trips, see detailed pages for costs.

Obtain a membership application form by contacting our Office (see Contact) or download a form from the links on the right. If you are a tax payer please also download the Gift Aid Declaration Form.

Complete the form(s) and send or take them to the office with a cheque for the relevant amount, payable to "York U3A".

Annual Membership is currently £17, renewed each August. There is discounted rate from January 1st for new members who join part way through the year, if joining after 1st January, download the relevant form.

On becoming a member, you will receive:

  • a membership card for the current year
  • a course booklet giving you details of all the courses and activities available, together with times and venues, and a calendar of the monthly Saturday Morning Talks
  • a printed copy of the York U3A Newsletter every two months (or you can elect to be notified by email and read via this website)
  • the option to receive by post the national U3A Magazine "Third Age Matters", 5 times a year, at no additional cost.

Please note - Membership applications received in June or July will be processed at the end of July and will be for the coming U3A year, which begins in August and ends in July.