How to Join / Renew

Our Membership

Our groups and activities are for York U3A members only. Subscriptions are very reasonable, and for 2020/21 there is a reduction from the usual £17 down to £10 per person. Renewals happen at the beginning of August each year, however during the current situation existing members are aksed to renew as soon as possible, but by the end of December 2020 at the latest.

Membership covers the option to join any number of Groups with spaces, attend Saturday Talks and apply for Trips and Holidays. Groups may involve a very small extra charge (for example to cover room hire and/or coffee). Any extra charge will be stated as you enrol with the leader of each Group. Groups are self-supporting financially, so any extra money required will be collected at group meetings. There is a charge for Saturday Meetings and Trips, see detailed pages for costs.

Members receive a membership card, details of groups and Saturday talks, the York U3A Newsletter every two months and the option to receive by post the national U3A Magazine "Third Age Matters", 5 times a year.

How to Join

You can become a new member of York U3A by printing the 2020-2021 Membership Application on the right. Complete and return the form with your cheque. An option to make a Gift Aid declaration is included on that form.

We hope to introduce the option to join online with a debit / credit card in the autumn of 2020.

How to Renew

Special arrangements are in place for renewals that would normally all have happened in August 2020. Existing members have received details of the process in a letter from the Chairman, which was emailed on 9th July and posted soon after to members with no registered email address. Further details will follow as explained in that letter.

We hope that as many members as possible will complete their renewal via our new online system, there are some additional notes to explain the information needed before starting and the process itself. The link for this is on the right hand side - ‘Renewal Additional Notes’.

Questions about Membership

If you have any questions about joining or renewing please click Membership Secretary to send a message.

Gift Aid

If you are a UK taxpayer, and pay more Income Tax and/or Capital Gains Tax than the amount of Gift Aid claimed on all your donations in one tax year, York U3A can reclaim tax equal to 1/4 of your subscription at no cost to you. Gift Aid really helps to keep your subscription as low as possible.