Committee Vacancies

We would very much like to hear from anyone who feels they might be able to help the rest of us in any of the following four roles - Office Coordinator, Membership Secretary, Webmaster and Talks Secretary.

To find out more about any of these roles email Office co-ordinator or leave a message on the office phone 01904 289293.

Office Coordinator

The office is normally open for two hours on four mornings a week, staffed by a roster of experienced volunteers, with the Office Coordinator generally not needing to go in more than once a week. In essence, the role involves overseeing office functions, being the main contact with the management of the Friends Meeting House, and coordinating the office volunteers.


The webmaster maintains the information on our website, sends out communications that go to all members and organises our domain name, email forwarding records and the use of our Zoom Pro account. We have u3a based software tools for this that are easy to pick up if you are familiar with Word, Excel and similar software. This role can all be carried out from home with a laptop and broadband and can involve a few hours each week as well as the monthly committee meetings.

Membership Secretary

The committee member who performs this role for us is responsible for maintaining members’ records, preparing for and overseeing the processing of membership renewals in August and September each year, and adding new members as they join during the year. She or he is also our Beacon Administrator, which involves setting up the joining fees annually, giving members access to Beacon and maintaining the list of system users. We do have an Assistant Membership Secretary who covers for the role and shares the duties at renewal time.

Talks Secretary

Peter Jarman’s maximum six years on the committee come to an end this year and we are looking for someone to share this role with Anna Baldwin. The role involves identifying and contacting interesting speakers for our Saturday morning meetings.