This page is for York u3a's Group Leaders, to provide communication and resources to support the management of your Groups. If you have questions or additional information you would like to see here, please contact the Groups Co-ordinator.

Room Bookings for Groups, select this link for details of how to book rooms and u3a equiment for your group meetings.

Year End Accounts, select this link to complete details of group accounts (or a nil return) by the end of August 2022. Click here for further explanation of the process: Reporting Notes.

Zoom Pro Group Leaders can have a regular booking if they wish to use the u3a Pro account for long meetings. Contact Secretary for any such bookings.

Useful Forms and Documents Select the item under Name to see details.

SectionNameFile Description
HandbookGroup Leaders Handbook Jun 2021Updated Group Leaders Handbook
AccidentsAccident Report FormTo be completed by GL and passed to the Groups co-ordinator. This will be kept on file by the committee in case of a future claim for damages, which can be up to made up to 3 years later. You are not required to have a trained first aider. Insurance advice is to contact the emergency services immediately in the event of a serious incident, even if there happens to be a member present who has attended a first aid course.
.Insurance Form 2022A copy of the current insurance provided by TAT, which may be requested by a venue for hire
ClaimsClaiming Venue Hire costsComplete and return to the Treasurer
VenuesVenue ListScan of List from Groups Co-ordinator
.Venues Map LinksDocument that contains links to maps of some venues
Risk Assessment templatesRA 02Venue Risk Assessment Checklist June 2020
.RA 11Venue Day of Use Checklist June 2020
.RA 12Walk Leader Risk Assessment Checklist June 2020
.RA 13Workshop Activity Risk Assessment Checklist June 2020
.RA 15Remote Activity Risk Assessment Checklist
Third Age Trust (TAT) documentsSubject AdviceSubject advisers list June 2022