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Electric Dylan added 22.05.2022

Bob Watt is considering a new group to play "Electric Dylan". I am an intermediate electric rhythm guitar player looking to play with others. I have selected Dylan because I like his work and for us to have a fixed set of songs to choose from, where it is likely that people will probably already know many of the tunes as performed by Dylan or someone else. I also say “electric”, but it would be good to have any instruments that can play along with electric guitars. Drummers are especially very welcome, as indeed, are vocalists.

I can’t sing. No, not even as well as Dylan. But I’m prepared to grunt out a song and would hope that others would do the same – at least for the variety, if not the quality.

I would suggest a fortnightly 2-hour meeting. Thursday afternoon is my current best time. As for venue, it depends on interest, but if we have a drummer, we could meet at, say, The White Rooms where amps, drumkit, mikes etc are all at a reasonable room hire rate.

The session would be for fun, with no ambition to gig or perform. Interest and reliability are the key things. A range of skill levels will be accommodated. So, if you’re very good, just be open and if you’re intermediate, come along to develop as I hope to.

Get in touch on 07456 658547 if you fancy a relaxed approach playing with others. We can start as soon as there’s interest.